Is Baine dead yet?

Did that useless coww finally bite the bucket? I want him gone from the story. All he ever does is betraying us to the alliance.


He shall never die! We need the cow too provide us milk and flesh upon our journey through covenant system v2!

He will die eventually. Magatha will stage anouther coup and we can finally get rid of him.

Isn’t he still squatting in Oribos scratching his backside? :smiley:


What Baine?


Probably it will be his own decision to accept the Drak’thyr into the Horde (just like he did with the Vulpera), so he still has quite a grand role to play after all… :sweat_smile:

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He needs to die. So that the alliance appeasement finally stops.

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That’s not his role to accept or deny anyone into the Horde, the Horde has a council now

Like he cared the last time…

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Didn’t say he did

Baine needs to die. That is not up for debate. He is a traitor and deserves to be executed.

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I hope so, I hate how the Horde keeps getting noble and morally good leaders while the faction as a whole is at best as worse as the Scourge and Legion and at worst even more vile, evil and degenerate as other evil factions.

Should just replace the Horde with the Legion at this point, atleast the Legion had an, in the end, “noble” goal. Unlike the Horde who just wish to destroy all life, turn all of Azeroth into a undead dustbowl and then cry “why did the Alliance do this?”

I really liked Baine in the Batman Movie, but he never was the same after that. Big disappointment.


Until the Alliance keep to occupy portions of core Horde lands like Silverpine and even Durotar, you will have to understand that some …“culling” (to quote Arthas) is needed from time to time to keep the Alliance in check and in order for the Horde races to survive :stuck_out_tongue:

in fact, if we look at the Horde main starting zones, there’s always some Alliance presence threatening or spying on them all the time…Quel’thalas = Night Elf spies. Durotar = Theramore and Kul Tiras Humans. Mulgore = Ironforge Dwarves. Lordaeron = Humans and Worgen trying to take over portions of Silverpine, Hillsbrad and Western Plaguelands against the Forsaken. Even now without Sylvanas, after the Forsaken are trying to do something like rebuilding Brill or restore Undercity, the Alliance immediately try to send spies and enemy soldiers to check the situation because they don’t trust the Forsaken even under Calia and Lilian Voss.

Meanwhile, for the Alliance’s main races starting zones…around Stormwind and Elwynn there was nothing Horde related? The threat of the Blackrock was not affiliated with the playable Horde races specifically. In Khaz Modan there’s nothing, the Frostmane Trolls there are not related to the Horde. In Teldrassil there was nothing. In Azuremist and Bloodmist, nothing. The Blood Elves there were part of the Sunfury of Kael’thas and they could be attacked by the Horde, too…so… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Alliance must be kept in check from time to time for the survival of the Horde races, after all as you know they are still militarily occupying portions of core Horde lands like Silverpine, Hillsbrad and even Durotar. Meanwhile in the core Alliance zones, the Horde absolutely has no threatening presence against the Alliance at all… so there’s no alternative as we also know the factions aren’t going to unite anytime soon…

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Sooo, like the Horde in the Highlands, Ashenvale, and Darkshore?

So the Horde has no fortresses and presence smack in the middle of Dwarven territories (Hinterlands and Highlands), or in night elven lands (2-3 in Ashenvale, 1 in Darkshore)?

Also, the Horde’s mere existence is a threatening presence, remember how a united Horde was able to drive through the entirity of night elven lands to genocide the elves and burn down one of their holy trees?

Or when the Alliance humans fought to (re-)claim Andorhal and they got killed and risen as Horde soldiers? Or in general how the Horde is capable of raising any humam that dies as soldiers for the Horde?!!?

That’s technically not true anymore since Sylvanas and her Val’kyrs are gone. But anyway. The Alliance can only blame themselves for letting the Horde exist despite defeating it through military means multiple times. In real life, a troublesome organisation like the Horde would have been crushed long ago, but if I stick with WoW lore I’d say that it should have been dismantled at the end of MoP. That was the one time Varian should have listened to Jaina, if the Horde is supposed to be seen as the eternal antagonist that keeps causing trouble for everyone.

These are not core zones , the only one among them is Darkshore but the only Horde presence is the Shatterspear Tribe now (and they are not hostile against Night Elves anymore).

Core zones of a race have been established since Vanilla to be just the first two starting territories of a race (Elwynn-Westfall, Dun Morogh-Lock Modan, Eversong- Ghostlands, etc. etc.)

The majority of the Horde core zones are indeed still currently occupied by at least one hostile Alliance presence in them, the majority of the Alliance zones…are not :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Forsaken have used necromancers since Warcraft III, they didn’t suddenly dissappear. They just can’t raise as much anymore as they used to do!

The Alliance has never won a war against the Horde, mind you. The only reason they “won” because the Horde tends to infight.

And Teldrassil, which doesn’t exist anymore because of the Horde.

Darkshore is, for all intents and purposes a Horde zone because the night elves have abandoned it.

So the worgen (Gilnean) core zone is Darkshore? Kinda distant from their core Kingdom…

Durotar. That’s it, thats the only “occupied” core zone.

And the lore has changed a lot since Warcraft 3. If Forsaken necromancers were enough, Sylvanas would have never needed the Val’kyrs and would never have used the fact that the undead can’t reproduce to justify her actions during Legion.

Playing with words, but the result is the same. The Horde starts a war, triggers a massive threat that both factions have to deal with, rebels against its leader and although the Alliance keeps the upper hand, it never condemns the Horde for its crimes.