Is BFA scaling still busted?

So there’s still some content from BFA I’d like to finish sometime, but as a legacy expansion, in a way where it’s fast and easy, just how Legion was during BFA.

During the launch it was totally broken though, things were even harder to kill at level 60 than 50, let alone during 8.3. It was ridiculous, 10 levels should mean I’m way stronger.

Was it fixed since then?

Its still busted :slight_smile:


Still broken.


with a 208 ilvl dk, i can clear mythic dungeons. apart from king’s rest, because the second boss just traps me in a coffin and resets.

Raid’s not doable at all. so don’t even bother with that one.

I mean aside from BFA scaling still being utterly busted since we lack the Aura Buff that level 50s have while inside BFA instances one isnt supposed to solo last xpac content anyway aside from a few cases like BDK and Guardians usually. Especially not during the first tier.

That’s not really true, though.

During Legion I could solo WoD dungeons easily. During BFA (even at the vers start) I could solo Legion dungeons easily, and some raids too as the patches went on. This has been the norm for quite a while.

And let’s not forget that Shadowlands is now 10 levels, which is 2 expansion worth of levels, so you definitely should be stronger, just like you can easily clear level 40 stuff at level 50. With the old level numbers it’s be like level 145 or something. You’d expect numbers to mean something.

Its still one xpac difference. Levels literally dont matter. Legacy isnt supposed to kick in at all.

That’s simply not true. I was soloing WoD content early Legion even raids (only HFC was a problem) by 8.2 I could solo HFC on a fresh 120. It is broken, as I said before I cannot solo legion stuff now I could in 8.3 it is wrong and disheartening.

Officially an expansion doesn’t become ‘legacy’ until there’s 2 expansions after it.
The reason why we could solo a lot of Legion stuff in BfA was because we actually got a lot of high lvl gear. In Shadowlands we don’t. That’s the difference.

They need to fix the gear progression imo. We need titanforging.

We don’t need or want titanforging.

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DH for instance being the only class that was able to solo Gul’Dan.

Also everything you said doesnt negate what i said even in the slightest.

Also in regards of Legion i cant second this atm. The only one thats really a problem is Aggramar.

No we most certainly dont.

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I most certainly do. :relaxed:

Agree to disagree.

Titanforging isnt gear progression. Its infact as far away as possible from it as it could be. Its roll a dice and see if you get an item that is a poopton stronger than the content it dropped from. Warforge we can discuss. Not titanforge.

It’s not titanforging we need, but rather those 10 levels to give some massive base stats like they do back then. There’s no reason progression should work in a completely different way before level 50 than after level 50.

That’s not true, I soloed it on DH, Ret, BM Hunter and Warlock every week and I’m a scrub. I’ve seen asmongold do it on a warrior several times, I’m pretty sure most (if not all classes could if geared, skilled enough)

Im talking about Mythic.

So am I. /ten characters.

Fair enough. During the end with corruptions on roid then. A possibility i ignored. All of your classes could at least deal with either the immunity Illidan puts on you or parasites during P3. If you couldnt you would die due to no healing/parasites.

But it is. It isn’t ‘reliable’ or ‘predictable’, but it IS gear progression.

Oh, I wouldn’t advocate for the original TF. There should be a limit to how much a proc can upgrade the item. As I have been saying for years. I always thought 20 or 25 ilvls would be plenty. And no socket procs.

How does that sound? :slight_smile:

Well, but it does. I can no longer ‘just do quests and get upgrades’ at max level (well, I can, but only for a short time before being ‘done’ and getting bored; a system like TF fixes that).