Is it bannable to wants somone to die irl?

(Türiel) #1

So i was doing a m+11 and this rogue she or he just kept on team killing me with the cannons in the prision dungeon no idea what the name was a rusian one and i asked her or him to stop it and she or he just contenued to do it and after we had defeated the final boss she or he told me to kill myself irl. Why’s blizzard allowing those kind of souless monsters to be on wow and not instead banning them permently?


Yes, it is bannable. Unfortunately bad apples are in every game, not just WoW. You can’t root out the despicable players amongst us.

(Punyelf) #3

It’s reportable, did you rightclick on his name and report him?

(Türiel) #4

Yes but not the time it was just around a few minutes ago and i feel like i’m crying on the inside as i’ve never been having that kind of insults. And i’ve had a lot of insults from warcraft 3 but i won’t mention them here let’s just say if i had a coin for everytime i’d been insulted i’d be rich. But i hope blizzard will bann that monster as no faction Alliance or horde deserves to be treated like that.


Don’t let somebody else ruin your day. Playing an MMORPG like WoW requires you to (and I don’t mean to sound rude here) have some backbone because not every player you encounter in your journey will be nice. That’s just the way it is.


Is it though? irl threats are bannable yes. Although really toxic, that wasn’t threatening. People wished for me and my family to get cancer and die, i just ignored the fools and moved on.

(Türiel) #7

I know but i guess it was more like a shock i’m glad those kind of people are rare and the wow community’s so much nicer i aprichate it :slight_smile:

(Jikko) #8

Meh. Im not aproving this behaviour, at all, but the other day, some guy told me he hoped id get aids. For something I didnt even do (I was Raidleader, and an assistent kicked him). I just said ‘thanks bro’ and moved on.
Its ugly, but let it go, its just some random rotten apple who doesnt even know you


This is gonna sound harsh…but you need to grow thicker skinn.

(Punyelf) #10

It can be horrible to have a bad experience with another player. Although it’s unpleasant it’s best to let go and move on. If you’ve reported them, you’ve done your bit. Like Tehuwo says, don’t let them ruin the rest of your day.

Take a few mins away from your PC if needed and then go back to the game. It’s one douchebag.


(Türiel) #11

I know and i’m working on it. i just want a friendly world of warcraft. Where we can have fun and not harass each other. And thank you punyelf i will and i hope you all have an amazing day :slight_smile:


grow a thicker skin, its nothing really.
Do you faint if someone says I hope you don’t have a very nice day today? move on, report if you want, and that’s all.
They win if you let it affect you in any way. Reply with

“ill see what I can do to comply, try be less terrible in the game though as a parting wish from me [smiley face]. Youre not allowed to refuse a chaps dying wish so hop to it mr/mrs useless” and then pop on ignore.
That’s how you should have dealt with it, rather than running to the forums or to a customer services person in blizzard.


You sir, are notorious for creating posts about how cowardly and bad horde players are in general.

By no means do I condone this behavior, but i have been playing online games long enough to know that every tragic story has two sides. I’m not choosing sides, but would love to know what you did to get killed by this evil player. Maby it was one of the horde players you slandered in one of your “horde players are cowards” posts that played on his alt?


That is completely irrelevant!

Bad mouthing someones faction or play style is one thing. But telling someone to go kill themselves is inexcusable regardless what posts have been made.

Suicide and self harm are very real life occurances and complete muppets really need to think before responding in this way. It really is sad to say but I wonder how many of these types of responses have ended in disaster.

There are consequences to our actions. People really need to use their brain and realise there is a person at the other end.

(Türiel) #15

No but i was just over reacting a bit i guess.


I am so sorry you had to listen that kind of crap. It is definately something you should report. Irl threats are taken very seriously by Blizzard.

I know it feel nasty but try to forget what happened. Maybe you can even laugh at the thing later. Some people are just stupid that way and on the end, they reap the consequences and karma from what they do in their life. You might not be there to watch it but trust me they always will.

Don’t forget this game is full of other players who might be strangers for you but who are rooting for you if things go bad, who are on your side and wish you the best. Because you are part of the good people. :hugs:

(Jessicka) #17

Ignore those douchebags.

Don’t let 'em ruin your day.

Report them (and if you can, screenshot it).

(Türiel) #18

Thank you and i think you’re a good person aswell :slight_smile:

(Aylish) #19

I actually think that is bannable yes. Either way it should be reported.


I just had a joke of conversation with you about ret not long ago.

You honestly sound like an over sensitive person and extreme in your reactions.

While hearing what you did is at no point proper, report them and move on.
They are responsable and accountable of their words; you are responsable and accountable for your Reactions.

There are many people reporting and not caring, moving on and being happy. Why not you?

Nowadays we think nobody is reponsable of anything besides an obvious offender. Sad.