Is killing 98-110 toons doing legion assaults griefing as 120?

(Vintoleth) #1

now, i personally would have thought it was not, it is just a PURE scumbag thing to do. if you want to do assaults in peace, turn off WM.

however, i have seen loads of people in the past week comment about how it is griefing stopping people doing quests when they are 10-22 levels higher than you, and show no sign of attempting the wq.

my own experience over the last 4 legion assaults:
a druid spam killing people for ages at the imp invasion wq. he killed me about 7 times on 4 different toons, so he was camping the place. one of those kills (after i had already died twice on THAT toon) gave me the ordos debuff. so question here, why did i get debuff on kill 3, not 1, and why is killing a player 16 lvls lower than you able to grant coins?

a 120 dh and a 105 dh (presumably friends helping the other lvl), killed me 5 times in the same wq. didn’t help that i had weird lag on that toon at the time, but just that toon.

then numerous accounts of players camping wq’s killing people, or going from wq to wq killing players.

i can understand aoe hitting people, but these are deliberate attacks, and also prolonged. trying to just run away, they chase you, even out of the WQ area.

i would also like to state for the record that i do not interfere with people doing wq’s. we are there cause we want to lvl. the ONLY time i got involved with pvp was once when a 107 was attacking a 102, and once when that 120 dh got mangled by a 120 druid, and i helped by stunning the dh.

also, one BfA example, a group of 40 horde camped the alliance sub in nazmir so alliance could not complete the quest to complete the assault. one dh said he had been killed 8 times trying to get to the sub.

so, can anyone confirm if this is in fact griefing, as they are PURPOSELY stopping you doing wq’s, as opposed to accidentally bumping into you in a wq area and dueling you to the death. and also being similar lvls. not 20 in the difference.

and if it is, how am i meant to report it cause the only 3 options i get for reporting is language, name or cheating.

final note, dont just say turn off wm. i turn off wm for everything once i hit 111, but the 30% for alliance is just too much to ignore when lvling below 111. i am not sure if it will be AS worth it for horde, as all my horde toons are above 111, except my 3 allied races who are only 60~. WM’s best time to shine is 80-111.

(Dejarous) #2

No its not griefing.

Dumb that BLizz doesn’t change it but they are too busy nerfing the bejesus out of toys and preventing us from deleting keystones just incase we have fun.

(Scotchka) #3

It’s not. If ganking lvl 15s in Redridge is allowed, and I’m 99% sure it is, so is this.

(Moothilda) #4

It’s a tough one, but I don’t think you can say it is :confused:

With that I mean:

They don’t kill any npc’s, standing in your way or make huge disruption.
They “just” kill another pvp-flagged player :frowning:


is mayonnaise an instrument?


You turn on a PvP tag expect to die. Turn off PvP if you don’t want to die.

(Bandicoot) #7

Anything below 120 lvl for me is no even worth taking target …

I don’t even know why people bother camping or ganging low lvl char with no option for defence.

I am lvling right now a priest…getting camped by a guy in the starting area…Login my main (lucky that i wasn’t getting other shard… ) …killing him couple of times to see him again getting resurrection sickness

For me the only time that i have ganged lower lvl was during classic/tbc and wotlk on lvling alt’s ( finding ppl with 3/5 lower/higher lvl is quite nice for some pvp action ) but those whose good pvp eras… /cry
But killing lower lvl as 120 is griefing for me and i would like to see some penalty …loosing massive honor etc etc…

(Dejarous) #8

Typical “But its always been like that…” response.

It’s a bad system and it can easily be improved.


Making use of war mode isn’t considered griefing


Sorry but it is absolute balderdash to suggest that people didn’t gank lower level in TBC and WOTLK, I had a few toons on a PvP server back then and they got constantly ganked while levelling.

(Bandicoot) #11

Did i write somehow/somewhere that people didn’t gang lower lvl ??


Yes you more or less implied that it was some chivalrous age in your previous post “but those whose good pvp eras… /cry”

(Vintoleth) #13

ok, like i thought then, its not griefing/ganking. just curious as a few people were adamant it was. just shows the pathetic nature of these people doing it i guess. as what skill does it take for a 120 to kill a 100-110?

i would suggest though, that bloody coins or the legion equivilent should not be obtainable from doing this as a 120. cheers all.

(Punyelf) #14

Even when there were just PvP realms and we didn’t have WM you could turn on and off, being killed repeated (ganked) is not actionable. Fortunately we can just turn it off and get away.

I had the same thing when levelling in Pandaria. My friend and I thought we’d just kill Sha while passing and some 120s thought it would be funny to kill us. I flew around to avoid being repeatedly killed and tagged Sha when he spawned at that point it didn’t matter if I lived or died. My friend just ressed when Sha was up tagged and ran away. We both got the kill :).

It is annoying but inevitably at times this stuff happens.

(Jikko) #15

Its just sad douchebag behaviour. Appearantly they can no longer find fun in the game in an other way, so neither should you.
Bring back dishonorable kills, or add debuffs. To me, there is just no fun, or sense, in this.

(Someoneelse) #16

lol, rogue complaining about griefing.

That’s world PvP!

(Basyxqt) #17

Nah, it’s not.

Actually, whoever has warmode on, can be killed and he will be killed.

(Vintoleth) #18

so, you obviously didn’t take ANY notice that this thread is about people leveling alts, or leveling in general for the 98-111 bracket?

and you make an assumption about me, just cause my main is a rogue? flagged or not, i leave people alone in the world unless they pick on me, as MOST people are only out in the world trying to complete wqs or farm mats. Im not a pr*ck.

(Someoneelse) #19

I’ll say it again… that’s World PvP.

(Khareal) #20

Turn off wm.

Its simple.