Is Maelie bugged?

I Reassured her yesterday, but she hasn’t left Keeper’s Respite today and phases in behind Tinybell when I get close.

I’ve seen several comments on Wowhead that Maelie is bugging for some players. A friend always finds her in the base when he visits. As he’s not a mount collector he isn’t bothered that it’s not working but a Druid I came across today in Korthia had the same issue.

I know it’s not reassuring to know you are not alone but I would encourage you to fill out a bug report (in game). The more information they have the better.

Hmmmmm it appears that running the quest flagged script it shows true even though I haven’t found her today. Will see what happens tomorrow reset

For me it was like this:

I found her on wednesday roughly at 8pm GMT+1. I thought that on thursday, it will reset with the dailies (9 AM). She was still there. I waited till roughly 9 pm GMT+1, and I still saw her with the Tinybell.

Today with the reset, it was gone. I also ran the script the day before, and it always said ‘True’, while now after today’s reset, it says ‘False’. I would say it’s bugged, but who knows.

Having the same issue.
Found her on Wednesday and she’s been in my base since then.
When I join a group that’s found her, I’m not able to see her.

This is so frustrating because its a daily quest. Every day she is next to Tinybell is a day longer to get the mount. What is wrong with this and why is it not resetting?

still bugged this morning :frowning:

Can confirm today Maelie is at tinybell and I haven’t found her today.

For me its resetting every second day

Day 1 - Got her!
Day 2 - She’s besides Tinybell. Couldn’t catch her, but maybe I forgot to check later in the day.
Day 3 - Got her!
Day 4 - She’s besides Tinybell. Maybe later today?

Didn’t log in yesterday at all, I found her on 01/07 and she is still bugged for me on 04/07

you might be onto something here…maybe its not controlled by daily reset but 24 hour?

Or god forbid it the patch to fix it has now made it so the first person to find it locks it out for the rest of the day?

That’s what I thought, but I never seem to remember the time at which I tagged her the day before, so I check when I log in, get lost on stuff, and don’t check again until the next day.

I’ll try to be a bit more alert today :laughing:

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It’s been at least 48 hours for me and she still hasn’t left camp

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She bugged for me yesterday but today I could go look for her again. Just keep filling in those bug reports.

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Maelie is at the camp for 3 days now and haven’t run away ever since. Found her 3 times before but she won’t move away from camp anymore.

This is getting silly, please fix this bug.

Main toon, got to 3rd day, now Maelie hasn’t moved in 3 days.

Started a 2nd toon on the 6 day hunt, bugged after day 2.

Have just started 2 more toons on the hunt, seriously, having to run multiple alts because Blizz devs cannot fix this…


Edit* - Maelie is now bugged after the first day for one of the toons I started yesterday, Just the one left and then they’ll all be borked, small indie developer strikes again.

Day 5 and still bugged

She worked yesterday again and today she’s back to already being in base.

More bug reports filed. :frowning:

my guild says it’s bugged… hasent moved for 2 days.

i dont even know what it is but that is what they were talking about earlier.