Is Maelie bugged?

Find her and click on her 6 days and you obtain a mount, but she’s not leaving the camp once you find her once

She’s been at my camp since Day 2.

I have only found her once.

She did this to my warrior today.

Either this is intentional behavior for her to have days off from playing hide n seek or it’s a bug as suspected.

i would hate to point it out … but it is a bug which adds yet another layer of timegating into the game…

it is most likely why it made it to the live game without being fixed.

Saved her day 2. Been in camp since. Blizzard quality

seems she is programmed to go off again after a few random days of being with tinkerbell - may not be a bug - and different random days for different characters

Would be nice to get an “official” statement but then that would mean;

  1. Someone from Blizz actually reading these threads.
  2. Someone from Blizz actually caring to respond to the thread once they read it.
  3. Someone from Blizz to actual care enough to fix it, if it is indeed a bug.

I have more chance of being the first person on Mars.

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After reading this thread I now know that I can continue to ignore the “Shammoz, do you have a moment?” every time I pass her.

Knowing Blizzard, It’s Def a bug.

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Today I could once again not go out and find Maelie as she is already in our base. Seems more and more people are being affected by this.


If the NPC is talking to you that usually means you can go out and find Maelie.

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It’s being looked into :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reports in the meantime!


Thank you for the new’s :smiley: please can you ask them to look into fallen charger spawn rate as well it is not healthy game play making people sit for up to 7 hours waiting .

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Thank you for the update.

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Now Maelie doesn’t show up at all anywhere in Korthia (I’ve been around the whole zone with a target macro) :confused:

Yup, same here, she has actually gone walkabout today, but she has learnt how to hide this time, visited all her usual haunts and no sign. Was left randomly riding around hitting a /target Maelie macro to no avail.

Sneaky Maelie.


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It’s all working as expected. Tazavesh bugs non stop. This multi dollar company is a joke

Same here in the last hour :disappointed:

This is still being investigated since the first hotfix with this maintenance.

Fingers crossed you will be saving Maelie again soon :slight_smile:


After weekly reset she is no longer in respite but i can’t find her anywhere, i ask in /1 and they meme on me so that means Maelie is not spawning at all now?

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