Is Maelie bugged?

Well thanks for that info. Very few people will know about the hotfix though.

The fact that Tinybell will no longer beckon for help is irrelevant to players who are just entering Korthia for the first time on a day when Tinybell does not beckon because they will have no knowledge of the changes. When clicked on, Tinybell still asks players to look for Maelie whilst they are in Korthia.

Totally confusing now.

Edit: Just to add to the complete confusion in this, the ‘here/not here’ seems to be inconsistent between servers. Just look in premade groups for servers where the mob has been found.

The mob has appeared this evening in a spot I checked several times today.

So she’s magically appeared.

For anyone who can get in before reset she’s at 29.88 55.67 on top of the cave.


Just left Korthia, heading back now to confirm if same for me on Silvermoon

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She was there, thank Puny


Thank you, she was indeed there.

I could swear i had checked there earlier.


Hotfix has gone live today according to WoW Head hotfix tracker.

Listed under Quests here:

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I had the same thing I had checked there several times that day and she wasn’t there before. That got me to 5/6 so hopefully I will be able to track her down again at some point.

Does anyone know where is she today?

According to the GM post, when Tinybell isn’t asking you to find Maelie she isn’t up for that day. Only when Tinybell asks you to find Maelie she is somewhere in Korthia.

Good luck,

Your friendly neightbourhood Druid.

Yes that post came after all this discussion started :slight_smile:

It’s even a blue post in this topic :slight_smile:

And even though the hotfix went live, Maelie is still broken.
She isn’t near TinyBell and she is asking to find the damn horse.
BUT the horse is no where to be found yet again …


I second this … Tinybell spoke to me but Maelie is not out there from what I saw
…Tinybell needs to stop being a minx!

The post never said she would be with Tinybell if she wasn’t out in the open, it only said Tinybell would stop asking us to go look for her when she hadn’t spawned.

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And if you had actually read my post

You would have not replied.

Is she actually asking you while you pass or are you clicking on her and getting the dialogue option?

So I just walked past Tinybell, Maelie was not there but Tinybell did not hail me over to her to ask for help, however when I click on her she talks about Maelie wandering off etc.

The Hotfix I believe was to stop Tinybell calling you over if Maelie wasn’t up.


Both, it’s been exactly the same since the launch of this patch.

wait, won’t that damage the metrics?

She’s meant to have been updated now, she has not spoken to me on any passing character, so I presume she’s not up today.

If I click on her the dialogue is there ofc. But she’s not beckoning me over.

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