Is Maelie bugged?

Maelie has become the Queen of Hide and Seek.

That or the Jailer took her!


I tried organising a hide-and-seek tournament - but good players are hard to find . . .

The link says she is fixed but she is no where to be found


It has been confirmed that Maelie is working correctly after the recent fix. Like the Dusklight Razorwing we’re not actually able to give hints for this content though.

Thanks again for the reports :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t care for hints. I’m just glad the stuff works :heart:

It does not seem to be working though. Groups can not find her, even with 40 people looking. She may no longer be in base, but she is no longer in Korthia either.

Maybe there is an addon detector and things are hidden if you use addons?

Addons do not hide mobs in the open world.

Maybe it’s new?

What if she’s in the Rift?

Ya, that’s been a thought, but I’ve not seen anyone say they saw her in there yet.

I’d hate it if she roams the general maw now.

A friend has checked the RIFT.

I think Blizz is just trolling us and like the rares she’s not always up. The wording in the hotfix alluded to it but I really didn’t want it to be true.

I can’t express on these forums what I think of that without getting into trouble so I will just say I’m not impressed.

This does make the most sense… perhaps Tinybell is a naughty little fairy and sometimes sending players on a wild goose (fairy) chase?

I give blizzard an ounce of credit and of course they fail me.

I set the bar REAL low and they still disappoint. I’m just about done believing they can do anything at this point…


While we don’t, as a rule, comment on spawn rates or drop rates, I’d like to confirm that Maelie is not expected to be present every day.

Nonetheless, with a hotfix, we’re increasing her spawn rate, and we’re also making it so that Tiny Bell will no longer beckon for you help if Maelie is not up.

Those changes should go live in the next day or two.

Thank you!


I found her 1st day of patch, then she was at the base for several days, and since then she has ghosted me (and i looked, one day people were saying where she was and i went there and nothing).
So i haven’t seen her since the 1st day of patch.

I thought that this might be the case, it’s unfortunate though. It seems she really does get tired from the hide and seek.

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Well needed change.

Thank you for this confirmation

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You sure? Loads of players reporting in-game that she is AWOL. Scoured the whole place and used a target macro but no joy.

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Did you read the rest of the blue posts?

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