Is my character gone or what?

You will be killed by bis gankers or lvl 60 gankers, no difference rly

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I feel you… Same thing happend to me and my friends. We subbed again for some vanilla-pvp and thought our vanilla-characters would be safe here but they are all converted to WOTLK. In other words of no use for us.

I had several characters in pvp-gear with epic mount and stuff. I never thought I´d loose it all on offical servers of all places…

Anyway, we contacted Blizzard and nope, we will never get them back. I don´t understand why they didn´t bother contacting everyone who was about to have all their vanilla-stuff moved to wotlk. A simple email would´ve sufficed… I guess I should lower my expectations…

why would it matter if the ganker has naxx gear? he could be naked and still kill you easily

Actually we don’t know what transfer options are available yet, unless I missed an announcement.

It’s on the blue post - you can FCT after death; but don’t know what realms yet.

Edit……spookily 8mins ago they posted this

I knew people could transfer off once they die but we don’t know where too, yet.

Or if you choose “stay” pay to go to TBCC as well. Is fun all think “to clone” was only option to continue TBCC and pay to play Era, while it actually was both ways.

Still not telling where to!

There was three options (maybe 4)

  1. Play on Era realms for free with a character, you had to choose for each character.
  2. Play on TBC realms for free with a character, you had to choose for each character.
  3. Pay to play on both with a character, again for each character.
  4. Do nothing and end up on Wrath realms at the end of TBC.

Edit: Btw, for free doesn’t mean you didn’t pay your sub fee, it means you didn’t need to pay to choose.


Yea as evident here:,the%20Lich%20King%20came%20out.

I remember there was an official statement somewhere else but I was there myself for TBCC-> Wrath

I think is the same I say. At least should be.
You could – free – stay in Era or go TBCC. If yo also wanted other “expansion” you pay for clone.
I protest that almost uniformly people take paid clone as to mean one staying in Era – can just as well be free to Era and pay for TBCC (Later Wrath-C).

It was the other way around:
You could stay (as in follow the flow just like in Vanilla) and progress to TBC, or move to a new clean server called Classic Era.

The difference is small, but it explains why guilds etc. had to be re-created on Era: if you chose Era your character was moved there, rather than staying “as-is” on the now TBC Classic server.

WoW: Classic Era realms didn’t restarted WoW: Classic. This was a spin off project, but it continued from the same point as WoW: Classic (Vanilla) was transitioning to TBC Classic in prepatch. I call it a spin off because you had to take action to participate in Classic Era, while you could do nothing and find your character in TBC and later on in Wrath, just as in any other WoW expansion end/start.

Yes the progress on Classic Era was felt as if it was fresh, but it was so low because all competitive Naxx raids progressed to TBC and thouse who stayed lacked players to form a good Naxx raid, so they rolled back to ZG / BWL progress and stayed there for quite a while untill Era started slowly regrowing.

OK, but still WHEN you choose – on log in – you had two choices: Era or TBCC. Both free. If you wanted other “expansion” as well, you had pay! Cloning was both ways.

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Try posting in Return the Clone Service MEGATHREAD We hope it eventually will bring back clones.

The megathread will bring back clones? I doubt it.

Well, what can you lose?

Time and expectations.

Time is only a small investment - and you can do and have only a teeny-tiny hope. Then maybe in for happy surprise later.