Facing Mortality – What Lies Beyond Death in Classic Hardcore

Facing Mortality – What Lies Beyond Death in Classic Hardcore

Death isn't necessarily the end for Classic Hardcore characters. Learn about your choices and how to make the most of your Hardcore experience.

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Shadowlands Classic when?

I’ve seen some people querying what this - “you can utilize the Free Character Move service and move any character to a non-Hardcore Classic Era realm” - actually means. Currently if you die on HW you can only move to a PvE cluster. The link provided doesn’t expand on the subject.

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Then only question I come tho have answered have no answer: WHICH Era realms?

Likely any? There’s only 2 clusters with any players, and when HC arrives likely only one - so it’ll probably be that one, which is the “Firemaw/PvP cluster”.

That’s what I’m afraid. I have almost all toons I play in HW, I want go there or second choice PvE not Pyrewood, as rooster full there. I won’t do official HC if cannot move dead characters off to a realm I play.

I hope all Era servers, not just Firemaw and Pyrewood as for SoM: Do not repeat mistake! I want be able to PLAY those toons, not just park them in Era on server I not play, or even worse not be able to FCT because no more free slots in one PvE realm.
And what about non-English players? They maybe want go to their language realms?

PLEASE! FCT to all Era servers!

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How about Death on bots? Do they continue to pester Classic?

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If your character dies he is transferred to retail automatically

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Blizzard is a joke

And not a funny one.

the possibility of moving a dead character to a normal server is completely useless, 99.99 % of players on hardcore servers will not continue with it on normal server.If someone wanted/wants to play on a normal server, he won’t wait until the HC servers arrive and his char dies.

The main thing that discourages me from playing on hc server is not the need to start the exping again, but the fact that the player will lose everything he has gained during that time and it is therefore a complete waste of time.

There should be a possibility to move part of the property, things of the dead character to the new one, I mean things that are not bound to the character and gold.Even in real life, when someone dies, his property and money does not evaporate, but his successor, someone gets it.

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The idea behind HC is you start over each time.
Most dead ones I will delete, but now and then you come to like one, or he has a nice drop, then I like move to the Era server where I play. Only I afraid will happen like for SoM. Only transfer possible to Furemaw and Pyrewood. Should be to ALL Era servers!

They should add tombstones to Classic Hardcore instead of corpses, with a tooltip displaying name, guild and level, and make them stay for an amount of days depending on the level of the character that died.

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Interesting observation, but a logical one. The hardcore realm does not have PvP enabled, thus isn’t a PvP realm.

One could argue that it should be allowed though based on the fact that levelling up on hardcore is even harder than on PvP.

Stratholme - mages, warlocks, hunters bots!
Dire Maul - mages, warlocks, hunters bots!
Zul’farrak - mages bots!

How do you know if they are all bots? ZF and Dire Maul east were legitimate farming spots in 2019-2021 for a mage with mining and enchanting.

Just keep over the valuables and gold at the bank alt. Only carry the essentials on your main, so if you die, your gold/goods still safe.

Then the only thing that sucks here is 1 hour cooldown on the mailbox, i’m surprised it still exists between the characters on your account. Would probably be the least controversial change to make mailbox instant.

Totally disagree on your 99.9%, I’m sure many people would prefer to transfer their raiding level 60’s to era rather than delete them.


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