Is the merge with all the other RP realms ever gonna happen?

Hey everyone. I’m back to WoW after quite some time and was a bit surprised about how empty Org is. I did a little research and I’ve seen how, besides Argent Dawn, they did eventually connect all the other RP servers beside our cluster.
I found also few posts where I can see this merge has in fact been asked for already for some time here.

Is there any news on that front? I understand that most people are probably playing the SL zones these days but an almost empty Orgrimmar I’ve never seen it before. It’s a bit depressing.


Id wish so! I personally think it would be a good thing. But i think the best ones to know this would be the Community Council i think? Which admittedly i do not know a lot about.

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This server cluster is dead, the only populated RP server is Argent Dawn, I’m weighing up the odds of transferring there.
Even Oribos is empty on The Sha’tar.

Honestly most RP on the Cluster is Guild Based, but for Random World RP i think Argent Dawn is likely your best bet.

However i feel the quality of the Guild based RP on our Cluster is often pretty good. Its why im still here and enjoying it.


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