Is there any classic Era server with a descent amount of players and no bots at all?

Is there any classic Era server with a descent amount of players and no bots at all ?

Now? No. Impossible. A decent amount of players now simply equals bots.
This gaming company is both unable and unwilling to do anything with it.
Think of it like flies to sh*t.

It used to exist however, from era launch all the way until late 2022/early 2023.
But then around feb/march of this year the wrath-retail player sort came in droves.
Suddenly overnight there was a massive market for buying gold; so bots bots bots and tons of them. They even began openly flyhacking, as they still do. Nothing has been done. In june alone ah prices went up tenfold.
And yea the world is gdkps.

Do not expect anything from blizzard, they are utter garbage. To them our only worth is what they can flay off us.

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I actually even mathed it out btw.
You see if you add 1 retail player + 1 wrath player to vanilla; what you get is a bot.

Both of them their function is to collect, they are collectors. It is their only reason for being in the vanilla setting. They do not gather or use their items no no no. For one they do not have the time. Besides that the items are for display only. Opening the packaging/ using the items could risk lowering their value in the eyes of their peers.

This presents itself as a problem to them in vanilla as this setting was not designed to be a collectors game/edition if you will.
And that is where the bot comes into the equation. The bot, it allows them to get all the things they need in order to play the game as a collection game.

Token came in May 23 afaik.
So it began before wow wotlk token introduction?

Try the PvE realm (Pyrewood Village cluster) - it is not infested by boostersd or gdkp runs and thereby not by bots. Population is decent (not descent :wink: ) although Firemaw definately have a higher population.

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