Is there anyway to block people on the forums?

I just don’t want to interact with some people that just report anything that isn’t their own opinion.


You should be able to block people (per character) in your profile under preferences. There should be a section for users.

You should be able to access yours here

You just need the character name and their realm to add them to your list.

Edit as others have pointed out, to add you can also do this via the forum profiles. Using Warloor as my example, if you view their profile, then you can see new options if you click on Normal on the right hand side of the screen. This will show the drop down menu options to Mute and/or Ignore.


Just challenge them to a high skill pvp match and wave your rio in their face that’ll learn 'em.

That is so much better. Forums so much cleaner xD

Thats how you do that? Is there a difference between what you linked and just clicking someones portait twice and just clicking ignore under their portait on their profile?

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No difference. But it’s always useful to be able to know where your settings actually are. Especially if you want to unmute/unignore.

I always notice that the most toxic people are all from Kazzak. Is there some logical reason why?


Fixed :3 hed lose forum pvp, he has no score. one could say hes terminaly low on forum pvp skill

I think they used to be a pvp realm.

Fair enough, thought it might have been a better block.

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A hearty advise would be to not use these forums seriously because theres no human moderators, just auto systems that are being abused to report any opinion thats different etc. Just search your info elsewhere, reddit for example is much better.

Now you just need to wave your forum pvp rio in his face like a pro!

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Ofc there is human moderation. This is exceptionally noticeable at weekends when no one is in doing it.


this alt has no forum pvp stats, my main forum posting alt has all the deets, but he needs to go look it up since he knows so much

yeah let me give in. here it is. :memo:

Forum PvP be like

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Im invested now. all the alts are lined up for this thread

Don’t be that guy, as funny as it’d be.

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ok :c

Alright, to alts we go…