Is this a joke? Brewfest ends too early!

All sources, even your webpage, says October 6th !

But if you had listened to the comunity, you will see that both here in Europe and US, your players have begged you to extend the brewfest with at least some days due to all the bugs and glitches etc.

First the bugged barking quest, then the missing quests and then even the wrong “payout” of coins (was higher in 2007)!

I am stuck with almost 600 coins now that will just go “poof” in 21 days… I logged in twice every day the last weeks to collect them. - wasted time.

We can no longer trust you Blizzard. That is just plain sad.


It’s posted the 6th, now I’m sitting here with all the coins and can’t spend them…WTF

Got the same problem.

First it was bugged for a few days and then this.

Personally at 581 marks - I planned to finish the event on the 4th or 5th for the entire duration of the brewfest.

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Remember summer fire event…

That is so frustrating. I am so disappointed. 587 coins. No fun.

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the summer event taught me not to care about events, seeing as they are bugged beyond playable. got 40 coins in total.

Who lives in Los Angeles, leave a bunch of feces around with the Blizzard office doors

Ok, there is one site where it is stated that the event ends on October 4th. - gfinityesports . BUT why there is never official information about the end date of the event???

I’m glad i didn’t bother with the events, neither this nor summer one.

Just did coreen 3 times (3 days) and was lucky enough to get the kodo mount wich is all i wanted from the event anyway.

Edit: ppl are making forum posts to have brefest extended (although it seems it would have been just enough time to gather your 600 coints if it lasted untill 6th oct) and they end up ending it earlier, this is beyond epic, legendary quality fail it’s what it is.

The problem is that Blizzard really messed it up.

In 2007, the first year of Brewfest, you could buy the ram mount.

In 2008, you could no longer buy the ram mount unless you had finnished the quest in 2007 since it became a drop for alliance players. People that had gathered tickets in 2007 and had leftovers in their inventory could trade them for coins

In 2007, because you could get the quest for ram mounts all coin (or ticket as they used that year) was higher.

In 2021 Blizzard uses the 2008 template for Brewfest. With no mount and less coins earned (since everything is cheaper without the mount).

Then they add the mount because people wants it… but they still keep the template for 2008 on coins…

I managed to get the Ram on one of my chars. Doing the ram race twice every day (resting for 8 hours)… In 2007 I did the same thing but then I bought everything (Dress, Hat, Mount etc… etc…)

In 2007 we had Pink Elekk quest too + there was no barking bug in the beginning and barking even gave 40 ticket / coins and not 15…

Its a mess this year. Where is the QA Blizz?

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September 20–October 6! and what we have now ? 4th!!!


YES, exactly, the problem is not that the event ended on October 4, the problem is that Blizzard does not give official information when the event should end. If I knew that the event ends on October 4th, I would not waste time on 582 tokens


What the hell … 2-3 days of a bugged daily and it ends 2 days earlier too?

At least give people some heads up so they don’t waste nearly 2 weeks trying to get 600 tokens without being able to.


problem dats they ended on October 4 ! You know why its a problem ? because on official website its says 6th of October !

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whats wrong with blizzard… i farmed coins for nothing.


In any case, they act disgusting

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I want my bloody mount… Most of the content already feels like a choir and now I have wasted yet another 2 weeks on collecting tokens that will now just expire in 21 days…


image of blizzards entire QA/ community interaction department
can’t post links apparently so this is the best I could do


Lamest scam ever. They keep doing this over and over…