Is this an evidence Cata Classic is coming?

In my understanding this means a new raid tier is coming after Icecrown Citadel. It’s probably Cataclysm.

Also my interpretation.
If wrath was perma and not progressive, you would have plenty of time to farm shadowmourne “while it is current”.

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Oh God I hope not. Cataclysm spelled the death of WoW for me and so many others.

Hard to believe that I was so completely addicted to WoW, and yet just a couple of months into Cataclysm and I felt nothing, no desire to play, no desire to continue any of my characters. By that point most of my guild, that had been going since 2006, had already quit the game and it didn’t take long for me to follow them. My server was dead, the game was dead, the expansion was an utterly miserable experience.

Hated the changes to the old zones, the new zones were mostly bore fests, the raids were forgettable loot corridors. The new instances were fun to begin with before being nerfed, and that was it. Even the dailys in Cata were rubbish! I can still remember how boring and lacklustre Tol Barad felt.

So no thank you.


Maybe cataclysm is exactly what you need. As the kids say: “Go touch some grass”


Yeah, but sadly I quit that several years ago as I found that a bottle of whisky was actually cheaper.

It’s release does not affect you, chill.

That seems an odd thing to say, given that forcing me to upgrade to an expansion I don’t want to play definitely will affect me. Or do you have some kind of inside knowledge on WotLK era realms that I don’t know about?


Is the concept of WoW and its expansions a surprise to you? :rofl:

Just don’t play if you don’t like it mate, no need to wish it not to exist.

Tonnes of people said the same thing about TBC while playing Vanilla, and Wrath while playing TBC, and now tonnes of people are gonna quit cus they don’t like cata.

Thats fine, enjoy yourself.

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Scrap a bunch of max level characters and alts I’ve put almost four years’ work into?

Thank you but no thanks I think I’ll hold out for permanent WotLK servers if it’s alright with you.


I’m sorry but blizzard could go bust tomorrow and you’d lose your characters, i think your comment earlier might still be true and sadly so:

And they might not go bust tomorrow. What precisely is so wrong with having permanent WotLK era servers? Why would you object to them?


Wotlk servers are waste of resources. Wotlk is trash by todays standards and it those servers happen they will most likely die as vanilla did after tbc.

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I don’t object to them, why would you be against cata servers :smiley:

So no Ruby Sanctum?

Don’t like it? Don’t play it, a lot of people will play Cata and onwards.

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ROFL and here u are posting on classic forums. Are u lost bro? Retail forums are that way >>>>

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? Why can’t i play both? + i havent played retail for like 2 years? In fact youre the one hiding behind low lvl character baiting everyone.

Confirmed to be coming partway through phase 4, “weeks or months”.

Cus you hate classic, u made that clear. Why u keep on playing a game u hate are u crazy? :rofl:

I dont hate it i’m just not ignorant and can see its flaws. I play the game in order to have fun with friends and well flaws i mentioned reflect how much time we spend playing the game.
Dont worry about me unlike you when i dont enjoy product i get i quit. You should do the same tbh without making excuses.

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