Is wow dead

everyone on youtube is talk about how wow is dying/dead im scared

and nobody seem to like shadowlands either (i dont care about retail either)


So it seems, the corpse is still walking though.


Not dead but certainly not thriving either. It’s not a good look when so many people are quitting the game (both randoms and streamers, etc). Anywa, today I heard a rumour of FRESH Classic sometime later this year. Then I realized that it makes sense. 2 years after the release of WoW Classic, their most successful product ever… I think when new rounds of fresh servers come up, the game will get a massive boost. And it needs it. Because TBC certainly isn’t gonna attract that kind of attention.

FRESH would be awesome

i mean it would be nice BUT theres 0 announcements about Fresh right? I dont think they said anything about fresh

its just weird to me i think there should be fresh realms every 1-2yrs and a few perma realms that stay classic era

BUT why not merge dead realms? why no blue posts regarding all these issues that ppl complain about for months

i dont get it

It’s ok, wow is dead it can’t hurt you anymore


Well that’s the thing, soon it will be 2 years since the last fresh servers. So it’s about time. And I guess that’s why the rumour makes sense. And yeah, no announcement, only surveys, and rumours. But it would surprise me if we didn’t see fresh by the end of the year tbh.

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i love this game (vanilla tbc and wotlk at least ) thats why im writing on the forum

im just sharing my concerns trying to be honest just sad that ppl quit cause they feel stuck on dead realms and retail gamers still complain about the game

i think they have their reasons (I dont know)

It is dead, i used to scroll back to check what ppl wrote on channels etc. now i dont have to do that anymore… no one is playing the game.

yea right maybe its because there is no 24hours population and that i play at night most of the time

maybe i should reroll on NA cause of that lol

No. It isn’t. Classic TBC is fine. A handful of content creators isn’t representative of an entire community of people playing the game and personally I’ve no idea why people care so much about what a Youtuber’s opinions are. For some reason they’re treated like their opinion is absolute all because they made a video on it.

Also, these streamers etc ‘quitting TBC’ will be back in phase 2. Guaranteed :smirk:


I mean its not only streamers and youtubers complaining about retail…

but yea i hope that classic will be fine at least… im not sure

Fresh clasic servers will not solve anything except maybe bring all the ppl who are still playing to a single realm. As for most i think it is a case of been there done that, otherwise they’d still be playing vanilla classic and not TBCC.

I never played vanilla back in the day, started in TBC so now that ive done it its over for me, i Guess thats the case for many ppl. Same nostalgia card cant be played 2 Times on the same ppl and have the same efect.

I dont think wow ia dead yet, more like in a coma in life suport, classic was an attempt to bring IT back but IT kind of went south fast, the ppl that played these xpacs back then now have jobs, families, responsabilities and cant play 24/7 like 15 years ago, im one of them and the new generation of gamers just wants fast and free stuff so they will not stick arround.

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vanilla fresh will always be a nice experience to me

i started with tbc too back in the day but there was also old ppl playing back in the day who had jobs etc.

wish they would announce fresh realms more frequently and or at least merge dead realms and create world wide realms instead of region locked ones

or something like that
maybe no boosts on next fresh… i dont know higher xp rates instead of instant lvl 58 char

Boosts, cash shop mounts, wow token, barber shop, LFR, it’s going to have it all.

barber shop is fine lol

just the instant 58 was a bit radical i think

xp boost couldve done it much better

The 58 boost thing killed the entire vanilla World. I play on firemaw the server that is populated. Did my firefestival open World stuff in the old World(basically ran to all towns) i saw 0 horde and 0 alliance on my 4 hour journey. And this was on a saterday afternoon. It kinda amazed me that the State of the game is this bad.

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Ppl have been saying this game is dying since 2004. Yet, here we are.


wow is like a zombie, Rotten but can’t die

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damn thats rly sad to hear!

I miss vanilla classic , people always farmed something , ran to dungeons (even if it was for boosts) farmed runes, buffs etc. Open world pvp was always there for example the WS village, fishing content , gurubashi arena, ZG island, Nax entrance pvp raids, BRM pvp raids and felwood pvp. Somehow I just hang out in shatt atm cus there simply isn’t any1 in Azeroth. In outlands you barely find anyone either besides summoning stones maybe and people just fly away or stay on their flying mounts.