Is wow [kinda] dying ?


There is no more money!!! No more handouts! They don’t do the work necessary for the game to be at least good. “Great” it will never be! Not in the hands of the current corporate overlords and the rebelling developers that seem to try to sh!t on everything and drive the game into the ground. :slight_smile:

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Like everything there is a tipping point where the weight of the game can’t be sustained by the player base that’s remaining.

What ever the figure is, we are approaching it regardless.

It’s a point where trying to do very basic things in game takes far longer, take crafting for example, back in a bygone era I could visit the auction house and buy enough mats to level from 0-400 or whatever level at the time in a new profession just from the AH and there would still be enough mats left over to do that countless times.

Today…I’d be lucky to get 3-5 levels from the materials posted on the AH for tailoring for example. I’d argue we already reached that tipping point.

Queue times.
waiting 3-10 min was a long queue time for DPS during Cata and the end of Wolk, Mop wasn’t very long either for any role, the longest I remember as DPS was 3 in the morning waiting for 15 minutes so sporadically higher times did happen as well during off peak times.

Peak times now for dps can be 30 minutes, my longest queue time I’ve seen this expac for a dungeon was 1hour +.

I’d say that’s a problem.

The list goes on and on.

Suffice to say the game is too large to support it’s dwindling player base already.

I don’t say that with joy or happiness either, it’s just the way things are. The game is dying.

That death will take years but certain events can speed up that process like I described above which are already happening.

Sitting in Boralus harbour and not even seeing enough people online to fill a raid team and that wasn’t at 3 in the morning either.

So yes it’s dying but so what. There is still a game to enjoy for the remaining time it’s still playable.


“Enjoy” what content?? :slight_smile:
The easy stuff is all consumed. And there are not enough people for Mythic raiding. You have to join a guild to even do something there. But oh! wait! They killed guilds back in Cata with that guild cap limit of 1000 players / characters ! That was the first gravestone in the ‘guild concept’. :slight_smile:

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Well yeah I agree that’s a problem, I was kinda speaking of the future as well though hoping that some decent content will come.


Well, for me, i usually don’t have to wait too long before the Battleground or Dungeon window pops up. For me, it’s usually like 3 to 10 minutes max before those pop up.
That’s during daytime though. During midnight, then it often takes much longer.


The world often feels lifeless because they merged the servers together, the result is simply a hoard of people who don’t really want to interact with each other wether as friends or rivals.

loot sharing is also partly responsible as every can dive into an area and be gone in record time meaning there is no longer people hanging around waiting for their mob to spawn. It is an example of a good thing actually being a bad thing deep down.


even on cata, when wow started to lose players, there used to be days when 2 minutes was long for the dungeon finder. for any level.
today i know i have to have 30 minutes free time for a queue and another 30 minutes for the dungeon itself to be covered (with bad teams it may take a while). to me thats a bad sign.


Well yeah, i agree on the fact that it sucks if you have to wait such a long time
especially if it turns out in a loss as well.

I’m not gonna lie, i do get… “annoyed” when people refuse to listen.
Like, let’s take the “Arathi Basin” Battleground for example.
I tell them to go capture 3 bases and defend 'em. Yet, they all go to Blacksmith and meanwhile, the opposing team is capturing all the bases around it.
and i’m like, stop fighting in the center and go capture bases instead.
So yeah, i have to admit: There are either quitte abit of brainless people. OR they are bots and that is annoying as heck.

But when i queue for a battleground, it usually takes between 3 to 10 minutes before the window pops up. For me personally, that’s not too long.


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Even the forum seems to be dying. This post is too high on the list of posts! (usually many posts after a few hours get buried in the bottom drawer of the list of topics)

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@Orlen: That figure is the minimum possible. I am not able to try to calculate the actual, which is higher, because there is not enough available data. Also, the sources I am forced to use do not contain info on very low levels, which means that even the data I begin with is too low. While the EU+US minimum hovers around 1,87 million, the probable is closer to 2,3+ million. People just generally dislike my higher evaluations, so I tend to stick with clearer minimum possibles, which are already sufficiently complex affairs (I usually need about an hour, sometimes a bit more, which is why I do not do the calculations very often).

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No I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t do them that often if it took that much time either.

Tbh If I was to put a minimum on it, I’d say it was under 1 million EU if I were to account for alts at or above 111.
That’s what I think is the actual figure for EU only.

Well the numbers don’t overly matter, it’s the actions Blizzard needs to take to make the world feel large but also small for a player base that isn’t growing.

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calculates quickly Using Silvermoon alliance level spread as reference… My math suggests that that number would be above 725 556, so you might be correct on that part (activity structure is very top heavy), levels 20 to 109 represent less than 19% of activity on Silvermoon alliance. EDIT: And level 110 exactly about 2%.



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@Wushupanda: The wording could probably have been better… The intent was: Those characters that are exactly level 110 (not more, not less) represent about 2% of Silvermoon alliance activity.


i got that, but i still HAD to say something. i find it too funny to just let it go.

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:D:D:D bows


It has one big megaserver .of course you are going to find more people depending on your platform of choosing.

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Play ffxiv, you will love it more than teso.
In the next expansion shadowbringers ffxiv, we are the villains trying to save our world from the gods of the Light.
It’s something different an fresh… So, do play it.

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i was thinkin that maybe is time for blizz to release the number of subs. The domino effect is risking to spread lately…


You know,

It has occured to me that there’s a new thread on this forum like every single week or something in which someone claims “WoW is death” or “WoW is dying”
Well guess what… they’ve been saying that for years now and quitte frankly, people getting tired of it of reading that every single week. (at least i am)

I’m pretty sure most of us know by now that WoW has lost many subscribers.
There’s no need to remind us of that every single week, year after year.