Isle of Conquest Alliance favoured

Hello there,

I’d like to see your opinions on the Isle of Conquest current state. It is casual epic rbg so is not big deal, but it feels like it is heavily favoured towards the alliance side.
This is because two reasons:

  1. Alliance ALWAYS arrives first to Hangar area flag, while the Horde are still climbing up the hill (along with crusader aura ofc). They they just aoe us hard as we are tightly packed and they are spread all around the uphill. We just stand no chances, by the time Horde climbs half the raid is below 50%hp.

  2. Let’s say HORDE decides to do counter attack with ALL team after they have lost the very first Hangar battle - Alliance can just nuke the WHOLE horde group at flag from the gunship, while the HORDE can never do this.

In the past (2018-2019) whoever got mid was certain to win, but ever since Shadowlands Hangar is the winning strategy. And currently it is impossible to win Hangar as Horde. Unless of course there is a drastic difference in gear, but even then because of 1. and 2. - it is not certain.

What are your opinions on this topic? I know there are many things that are one-faction favoured, this is unlikely to be the only issue. But still - is it even possible to fix this?


Don’t know how many IoC’s you played for that conclusion but I see Horde arriving at flag the same moment we do, there are just fewer of them. When I join horde as mercenary, I also arrive at flag in time. So that tells me it’s a motivational issue on people causally taking a few seconds extra when moving from gate or taking the long route.

The fact horde has many laggards and have to move uphill through a gulch IS quite a disadvantage. The smarter alliance players will not go in a straight line towards the flag, they’re going straight line to the gulch ridge to jump down and cut your main force off from reaching the flag.

But that’s only because some players, including the horde, can’t resist to jump into any fight they see, instead of ignoring it and moving towards objectives. So Horde dismounts and start fighting in the gulch instead of ignoring them and heading towards the flag to spin.

By the time they’re done, Alliance tagged Hangar.

But it’s really more of a RNG issue of what players you get. I see Horde just as often shredding Alliance if they have the stronger team.

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The only reason Horde will arrive at the same time at Hangar flag as Alliance is if they start from the east Gate and use a glider otherwise Alliance WILL ALWAYS get there first.

That works both ways, Alliance also needs to use the gliders or Horde who uses theirs get there first.

If you’re not using gliders on either side, you’re always going to be behind and drag your team.

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Nope, Alliance don’t need to use gliders at all. In a straight foot race they will beat the Horde every single time under equal conditions.

And what’s more, Alliance can create a bottleneck at the top of the hill to pin the Horde down.


100%, that’s also what I acknowledged!

But regarding the gliders, I use the glider on Horde and also on Alliance side. When I reach flag, usually at the helm, the opposite side is always there when I arrive. I do not have increased mounted speed myself.

What I do notice on Horde side there are fewer people willing to use gliders than on Alliance side. I suspect that may have to do with gliders being standard for Alliance on the action bar because of AV down-hill flight. So there tends to be less Horde with me in sheer numbers when flag is reached.

But I never once had the issue of Alliance arriving there before me and not being able to spin.

I hope more people join this discussion. I can ensure you not all players carry gliders, and if half of the group must use gliders in a precise moment only to arrive 3-4 seconds earlier and thus avoid being trapped at the end of the hill - well this sounds pretty unfair to me.

D 'Awwww, :cry:

That’s just the sheer laziness, the gliders are just there for a few seconds advantage. If you play horde or alliance, there is always a group who’s a few seconds behind the leads.

The issue is that for Alliance lagging behind there are no consequences in terms of field advantage. If all horde just left the moment when the gates open, nobody would be trapped at the bottom of the hill… but that is too much to ask in a random.

For Alliance laggards there is no such penalty as platue is pretty spacious on Alliance side. They can’t get bottle necked.

i always get to hangar and cap the flag first as alliance cuz of the engineering helmet with the tinker that gives u insane boost, credit to a priest in s2 who told me about it, + demonic tramble pvp talent u are at flag when ur team has just climbed the hill

If it was 1 person there, and the others arriving seconds after - that’s one thing. But I created this thread because most of the alliance team are already around the flag and at the end of the uphil casting aoe before we even climb the slope. So it’s not a singular early-bird. It is literally the majority of alliance squad.

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They will not changing anything cause its complicated and required too much testing ,effort. They could change : Open only front gate (both side) but as said. Too much effort.

Opening Front Gate only might just be the answer.

They’d still have to move the hangar flag or widen and level that gulch from Horde side.

If you just open the front gate, but people take the same path. The Hangar flag currently has an open route from the alliance side, but is still narrow and uphill from the Horde. If they reach the flag at the same time (even more than they do now), that disadvantage doesn’t change.

They could move the flag to a central position but then that would also aid the Alliance as they’d have a slightly shorter route to it.

It is great that both Horde AND Alliance members who have replied to this thread admit there seems to be a dis-balance in terms of reaching the Hangar flag. I wonder if the same applies to Docks or there it is Horde favoured. Although there it is a wide area and this uphill/downhill that creates a bottleneck issue is not observed.

We even have a suggested way to easily fix this without altering the map itself greatly - by opening the front gates at the start, and not ALL gates.

The question is - can we access some statistical data, somewhere, that shows that for the past X amount of time mostly Alliance team had won the battle more frequently than Horde. Let’s say 65% won by Ally and 35% won by Horde?
Furthermore, can we access the % ratio between Horde and Alliance capping the Hangar flag first? Imagine that there the figures are 90% for Alliance and 10% for Horde! This is just an assumption of mine.

Unfortunately, nobody commented on the fact that Alliance can strike Horde players trying to cap the flag from their ship and deal HEAVY damage to a vast amount of players, while the Horde cannot possibly do this.

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Because in your conditional statement, the Alliance is in control of the Hangar, therefore the Horde cannot use the airship for defense.

Should the Horde be in control of the Hangar they can do the same, that’s just the advantage of owning the Hangar is general, regardless of faction.

Don’t know what comments you’d be looking for that isn’t hinging on the same premise that owning the Hangar gives an advantage.

I usually see people capturing workshop, then driving the sieges to Hangar to either capture it or provide air support to keep control of workshop and Hangar.

No, Goldenweed is correct. Horde cannot bomb the flag from the airship but Alliance can.

And Horde ship gets to reach the Docks or what?

That does sound like a better deal for the Alliance.

In the start of an expansion, while gear is still kinda poop, Docks is the winning play. Because the health pools of the glaive throwers is high enough, compared to the damage output of the players, to be defendable.
As the seasons move on and people get better gear, this changes. Because the vehicles’ health pools does not grow as the seasons go. Only the player damage does. So it becomes easier and easier to one-shot out of stealth or via some sort of unvulnerability, the vehicles. This is where the Funship steps in. Because that is consistent damage, that cannot be stopped by the players.

You could argue that the Docks is also Alliance favoured. But hey, at least they are not a part of the Rated Battleground rotation, like Twin Peaks (which is Horde favoured) is.
(It is Horde favoured, because the Alliance based has a very high elevation. So a druid can grab the Alliance flag and “Flap” half-way across the map without touching the ground. The same with DH. The 2 classes which just so happens to always be the tank meta.)

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Never tried but Docks is irrelevant. Contol Hangar and kill glaives, and you win the game.