Issues with gear after the item level revamp of Dragonflight pre patch

It feels like Blizzard is blissfully unaware of the community timewalking has, or this is just another case of “fun detected”.

I would heavily suggest looking into the issue Blizzard, timewalking was one of those activities that gave me something else to do which felt fun and fulfilling.


You have my seal of approval


For everyone who struggles with their level appropriate content because they have old ilvl level gear, run some dungeons and heroics that are 5 levels lower than your character. You will get new ilvl gear fast. Same you can do in raids. Fast gear.

Dunno why people are surprised i’ve been saying blizzard is inept for years now ever since they tried to sneak scaling into legion

why wouldn’t you be weaker in World Of Ioncraft: The Scaling from a man that don’t believe in power progression :smiley:

Mythic BFA raids are also incredibly hard. We have once again reached a point where old raids are hard to clear. Obviously, this should change with DF launch, but why is this a reoccurring issue?!
Carapace and Nzoth still requiring cloak makes it obnoxious for Evokers.


even lfr nyalotha sucks to solo atm, its not that you do to little Damage but the damage that is dealt to you seems like 4-5 times higher then before

still doable with a tank spec but that seems to take way longer, at least on my 280ish DH

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they are slowly rolling out item scaling - some of my items have scaled up already, most haven’t.

Like what items for example? I have not seen any changes so far. They have only been fixing items that didn’t have level requirements + high ilvl which were used by low level twinks. None of the core issues have been touching I think like crafted gear, relics of the past, old legendaries, SoO etc

It would be nice if they also fixed items that got their level caps pushed above usable level. I have rings on my level 45 druid which require level 46. I could use these just fine before the pre-patch. If I recall correctly, they were ilvl 57. I had an ilvl 60 ring which scaled up and I can use.

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nice post 10/10 hope ppl in twitter/redit see it so then blizz can see it lol

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I’m pretty sure Blizzard is aware of these issues and will correct them as soon as they can (though I expect they’ll stil have to follow some kind of priority hierarchy)

As for the whole twinking issue…I’d say good riddance.

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Not so sure about it. Given how they didn’t even document these scaling changes at all (unlike BFA and SL when there were detailed posts on how it all works), they probably want to sweep the whole thing under the rug.


What do you think this topic is about, exactly? Is building good sets for specific content considered twinking now?

I’m not sure what would be considered twinking nowadays.

But as soon as there’s the possibility, there will be some people that will gear up specificaly to ruin other’s people fun. That was what I meant.

If you wanna gear up to run timewalking faster, I really have no objection whatsoever.

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try to do a BFA normal dungon with a ilvl 280 when boss is level 60 and 5+ mill hp …
ur 30K cirts does not help alot :rofl:

Isn’t this a dungeon tuning issue rather than gear itself ?

Wouldn’t it be better not to need specific gear to clear old content because the scaling is broken ?

some of BoEs I’m putting constantly on AH scaled up from before patch. A few items on my herald twink have also scaled up etc.

BfA normal dungeons scale to level 60, so that means you can’t solo them with your current gear. So having specific TW gear would not help.
As I said in a previous post, this issue will go away once we hit level 70, but I am still surprised that tuning of old content is a reoccuring issue.

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I would love to see some exact examples. I have Legion BoEs which did not scale up despite them dropping at a higher ilvl.

if u kill just normal mobs in open world in BFA zones u can get green items on ilvl 170 and blue items on ilvl 200 and they are still level 58 instead of 60 :stuck_out_tongue: