It is time to let players choose corruptions!

Hey everyone,
I just think that it would be nice if we could choose our corruptions for our items.

A few reason why:
-the expansion is over, people who had to kill N’Zoth before the closing of the hall of fame/nerfs did it,
-it’s too much RNG! just like legendaries at the end of the Legion. We were eventualy able to buy the legendaries we wanted. Why not letting people choose corruptions?
-it’ll be good for the game health, more of people would like to min-max their characters, I’m currently on a point that I see no other reason to play. I’m doing multiple 5-masks runs, weekly m+, raids, even PvP and I sill haven’t got SINGLE piece with gushing wounds(Which is one of the best corruptions for Assassination rogues. Keep in mind that I’ve got >50 corrupted items already!), while my alt DH got like 2 of them(and he just has 9 corrupted items…), seems kinda unfair for me,

What I propose? Some kind of tokens/material that could be used to buy corruptions we need from Wrathion(they could work like item enchants). Corrupted Mementos, Coalescing Visions, Echoes of Nyalotha are all fine for that!

What do you guys think about it?


i got an another option : Waiting Shadowland !

The reason :

  • No WF / TF
  • NO corruption
  • pure item, feels good man :smile:
  • PVP Vendor :smile:

I’m so hyped for shadowland :smiley: !


Instead: probably other systems just as bad



Hi there old powerful God whom I’m trying to kill. Please give me the corruption I WANT that will help me kill you. Here’s some hard earned ‘xyz currency’ that I’ve earned to help me do it.

Corruption or no…getting what you WANT is so anti rpg it’s unbelievable.

Actually - yeah you’re probably right these days as many players ain’t interested in RPG.


Personally I care way less about how RPG it is than over how enjoyable the game is.


Exactly my point.

When it was an RPG experience it grew from zero to 12 million. On taking away much of the RPG it becomes a Diablo like hack’n’slash.

Don’t get me wrong - there’s plenty that like that genre (myself included time to time); but wow once was not too bad at RPG.


Thats such a dishonest statement. They changed what I’m talking about so they lost loadsa subs!


It’s not dishonest - it’s opinion. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong. It’s just opinion.

Do not misquote. He has spent half a page explaining how long and how hard he has been trying. The demand from players and eventually the option to bypass RNG after N attempts at the bosses, has been there since Wrath I believe.

And it should work like this general principle which has already been implemented here and there: every time you fail to crit, your crit chance increases. This is more fair to players that are trying to get particular pieces of gear week after week of raiding. And as I said, the demand for such systems has been there since the very early days.

I remember long time ago, probably on a Druid, I was after a staff that dropped from last boss in ZulGurub. Had to organise runs after runs, and eventually one day I got it. I then went on the web site and the stats showed I had 27 (or 29) kills on that boss…

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I agree fully. And I would add that you should be able to obtain the necessary “token”/“currency” from any activity, M+, raiding, PvP, WQs.

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Perhaps i should have said ‘getting what you want guaranteed’ would have been better?

Well.hall of fame is full so they should buff drop rate for corruption tbh

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Although I get your point I don’t think it’s something impossible to do… I mean to have that RPG essence.

It’s more like “Hello old god, I killed you already, why are you still corrupting our items if you were beamed out?!”
We killed N’Zoth and Wrathion learned plenty of things about the old gods, so now he can bend the remnants of the N’Zoth void that he left on the Azeroth to our will.

I agree that’s awesome, but how long do we have to wait for Shadowlands?

Now that would make a bit more sense to me - although I’d prefer the ‘ive killed Nzoth and now all corruption gear on that toon no longer works’

Would be kinda unfair, because corruptions give really high performance boost. I could see plenty of people not killing N’zoth just because of that, lol.

yes - but that’s true RPG. Everyone is in their own story and as yet in my story I’ve not killed him. Thus he’s still able to corrupt my gear.

Would be the best option, as it would make the currency actually useful for my main.

Agree. Buying corruptions with Echoes of Nyalotha will make the remaining of 8.3 a lot more enjoayble. Imagine being able to get the corruptions you want and actually try a different build, like stack only haste ones or mastery, or insane amount of tentacles. Current RNG is not fun at all.


but if they let you choose or reforge corruptions then you have no carrot to chase anymore and their MAUs will drop because there is nothing to do anymore

in their eyes you still have 6 month to collect the corruptions you want by rng :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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