Item tracking showing unavailable items

Hey all :bowing_man:
I’m a relatively new player, I started playing in Shadowlands. Today I came back to the game and wanted to use the new feature to track the items for tmogs, and I wasted the last hour on the Internet trying to find the missing NPCs. I wanted the bunny ears (Yellow Spring Circlet) for my panda, Hallowed Helm, and some Cosmic Gladiator helmet.

  1. The game showed me the path to Mulgore for the bunny ears - but the NPC was not there. I drove around the entire map looking for him but he is not there. I think the bunny ears are available only during easter event (they say that on the Internet).
  2. I went to Oribos for the Cosmic Gladiator Helmet but the vendor is not selling it and on the Internet they say the item is no longer available.
  3. I went to Undercity for the Hallowed Helm but the Chub vendor is not there. I tried Zidormi, few times, drove around the Undercity to find Chub but he is not there. I asked folks in Valdrakken about Chub and some feller said he thinks Chub is available only during the Halloween.

Blizzard, please update this feature and do not show me the items I cannot find because it’s not some time-limited event :tired_face: If this feature will be working better, I think it will be super fun to use :grinning:

Thank you :pray: :bowing_man: :heart:

EDIT, the next morning:

Actually even more items do not work, today I gave it another try and wanted to get:

  1. Crimson Beanie from Warpweaver Dushar but I need to participate in some Trial of Style event that is not live anymore, and
  2. Garland of Grain from Ray’ma but I need to be a club member to buy from him, and you can only apply to join the club once a year.

So I think this feature is not only useless right now, but also is a time wasting, not working distraction. Sad. Please fix :pensive: :disappointed: :pray:

PS: Do you guys think anyone from the Game Masters is actually reading our posts here?

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