Its about time feral gets some attention

Blizzard is ignoring feral for the whole expansion.Thats my last post.Im sick of it.


Blizzard is ignoring everyone.

But yeah, feral needs damage nerfs, i agree.


Maybe I am just biased from a warrior perspective but I feel like feral is not an outlier right now, they are very squishy and easy to lock down. Feral has clear weaknesses where as DH, Destro and Outlaw are all overperforming the rest. Honourable mentions to devastation raw damage output, fistweaver healing/dmg output, cdrs on sub rogue making them incredibly hard to punish and elemental rng one shotting with 9 lava burst procs in 1 second.


I saw Feral a lot in the AWC cap
My last Arena games are a view weeks ago because DH patch sucks

But if Feral conzern is it is too squishy, it would be a Tier up if the hardest hitting specc gets a damage nerf

So nerf DH is again the solution too all problems

Yesterday on 1,7k shuffle I got a 358k Ferocious bite to my mail char.
I think Feral is okay, but have to learn to play, cause that SL times has gone where you had to push one button (Convoke) to make a kill :slight_smile:

Feral dmg isn’t weak but against the majority of spec you have to run 24/7.

I think shadenox said already feral/evoker is insane, probably similar to frost dk/evoker only 1 comp being viable cause everything else doesn’t allow you to do your job.

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Almost like it is doomed to fail everytime they shift feral from dots to big bites

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Problem is the current game design is about obliterate somebody in few sec, dot spec are all awful if you don’t have a button beside such as kingsbane for example.

The best dot spec in the game being affliction, still it’s really hard to kill people the dmg isn’t strong enough till high damp.

Good ferals didnt play convoke

in incar the dmg is really good, outside of incar it´s weak, and u cant counterpressure, by doing dmg

the energy regg is bad, u have to spam clone, to get controll/dmg and energy back

if your oponent, kicks you, or have 1000 things to stop you when it comes to clone, then it´s gg u lose a high amount of momentum

the wild attunement, is just too toxic for both sides, and i hope they change or remove it in the next xpac

imagine they nerf the evoker dmg

i dont mind to have only 1 or 2 comps, if it is jungle/fmp was always like this, sometimes u had comps like kittycleave what was viable

but it was most likely always like this, feral was jungle or fmp/ in wod ebola, but idk about this comp i tried it in wod and it felt not that great… i mean in terms of gameplay, train most likely the enemy healer, and if u dont kill him in your incar, it was a lose.

nice, happens maybe every 50-70 game, maybe it was dark angel too, or some other dmg mod buff, and even then, bite cost so much energy, then it was with tigerfury dmg buff i think. yeah

other classes like dh, can do it by pressing w without a downtime

u did? i watched the vid´s on youtube, and i only saw 2 feral teams cassidy/twinkle, and the Commentators laughed at the feral gameplay, it was so sad too watch

i dont want to cherry pick here, feral is viable, but the gameplay looks so frustrating and punishable, that even the Commentators laughed at this class

it is, and the gameplay how u have to play is just not good, especially when you are squischy, this gameplay designe is just from 1980 they tried it as an bandaid fix, to force ferals from a “pve aoe 1 button gameplay” to a clone spam gameplay they went from 1 extreme to the other extreme

they dont find the right balance, between normal dmg parse/ and cyclone (situational) playstyle

in the past it was like, u did clones when someone was low hp, and healer wasnt in cc anymore, after a long cc chain, or u cloned someone when he had sac up or ps, or when your team dont had the dmg for the last 30% and the enemy healer had guardian/ wings up etc

but now it is most likely opener rake. charge heal stun heal clone, go dps incarn, dmg dmg, then clone clone clone clone clone clone clone, sometimes u even clone totems for dmg

it´s like from aoe spam to clone spam.

also most of the classes got another immunity, like cloak, netherwalk etc, also every class got more deff cd´s or the deff cd is shorter from them, while feral lost deffensive talents

na it´s doomed when they nerf our energy regg every single expansion for no reason, they nerfed soul of the forrest, because we where be able to take “cat´s curiosity” GUESS WHAT they removed it out of the game, and soul of the forrest still unchanged XD XD

The bite gameplay isnt the problem, it was in wod/ legion at the end/ bfa and sl always like that, and it worked

but now we have to spam clone, otherwise we would only do autoattacks, we have no energy for nothing. and our dots/bleeds are completely weak, they do no dmg compared to every other xpac

not everyone, sod players are happy and getting 2 class changes in under 1 month

gamedesigne is just unfun for everyone, for the enemy, for the feral itself, on the us forum Marvin/Axtin made a good post about the current problem, they went from toxic aoe dmg to toxic clone spam

not a single feral except 2 fmp ferals back in sl played convoke, i only played convoke in ssn1 with jungle because it was the only way to have a slight chance against ret/warri as jungle, ret/warri was just an autolose in sl ssn1

but then they buffed at the end of ssn1 sl (didnt played it) necro, and u always played swarm until the end of sl

to play convoke as a feral was just troll and worked only on low mmr, where peoples had no idea how to use kick

no it isnt, when it comes to the gameplay, and beeing target enemy number 1 because this class is paper.

no class currently needs a rework more, than dk/feral enhancement and maybe (dps draco)


In my dream world they would :

nerf bite damage,
increase bleed damage,
make bite interact with bleeds more than % damage buff
clone on a cd but usable as cat
make feral tanky again or atleast while in bearform
reduce the CDs of def cds. Like whats up with that

in the video feral does 25k dps hahah


The feral got a single FB off before he had to spend the rest of the arena running for his life trying to spam cyclone pets to get a Wild proc. Nerf big bites, buff the rest of the kit, get rid of Wild Attunement and cyclone spamming, buff defensives, heals and survivability in general, make class talents benefit feral and not force us to take 5 talents that we can’t use just to get cyclone. What other class has so many class talents that they can’t use, that are only usable when you play say tank or healer?

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feral has also no mobilty and the burst is not high .you guys just loose to ferals and are delusional.i can link the data again but i ur all too delusional.feral does 200k burst.fury warr does 326 k burst at 2100+ rating in 3v3.bunch of a*** jsut saying stupid irrelevenat stuff on every of my sick off all you guys


even the commentators laugh when they see this class


a kingsbane does like 5billion damage while ur in a kidney and smokebomb.everyone thats complaining about feral damage is just beyond delusional imo.


Sure, but then you also have people who believe buffing everything wont make something broken.

But but but I got hit once by a big bite!
I oneshot the feral after that, but that bite…
I don’t like when ppl bite me…

It’s amazing how I can play say Evoker / BM / MM and I press half my buttons cause I have no idea how to play these classes and I’m having so much more fun playing them and when I do a go my numbers are crazy. I’m not high rating on any of these, but like I said I’m playing Evoker / BM / MM with green gear, without knowing half my spells and the gameplay is just so much more fun and when I start dealing DMG I can actually solo carry some games. And even now most of the games I lose are because at low rating you get people who randomly don’t press anything in one or two games or I just ain’t good enough at peeling, I almost never die myself.

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even a rising sun kick hits for 300k against cloth.just delusional

Average ferals will get rolled, scary ferals do scary damage 24/7. I don’t think they need a damage buff, i’d even go as far as saying dont give them any buffs rn. Sometimes you do just live your life as a low represented melee/spec