I've created my own guild at long last


/cast Combustion

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/cast Heroic Leap


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/cast Shimmer
Oh come on, you know I’m hot!


I suggest you to stop before I pull out my tentacles Panda :grin:

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how do you do that?

Oh Waw Bleach is indeed continuing the anime,well it took them only 10 years for the love of god…and Urahara mvp.

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That was what I first thought of too! The Xcutioner’s song storyline

It is a mess, I wouldn’t recommend rereading it :nerd_face:

What tentacles?

Who hurt you!

Gives the little Vulpera a big hug and scruffles their ears

You actually don’t need to do this at all, you can create additional ranks and ensure that no-one but you holds rank 1, 2 or 3 if you are genuinely worried about this.

It’s also a great idea to go to the Blizzard application, SOCIAL tab, press GROUPS+ and create a group for you and your guildies so that you can keep in touch even if you happen to play another game like Overwatch for a bit.

It’ll also allow you to tell members who might be away for a bit of special guild events (Voice coms karaoke night? Gnome raid on hogger?) or tell them that Children’s Week ends in a couple of days and that they should go get their rewards :slight_smile:


or just dont use rank 1-4 and start giving out rank5-10 still have my 10 year old guild after all those years even if i havent played retail since classic is out

I have my own guild since vanilla for my old realm, and it used to have friends too, but those quit game.

I did in BfA also make my own guild, moved most my alts form my raid guild.

Been now few months - 6 or so ? But people still are amused why I left from guild I had been like since wotlk. Oh well, I like how my guild name fits as ‘title’ :stuck_out_tongue: Also I like the peace and quiet.

Wasn’t their finest moment, especially after the first 3 opening comics with good ol’ Maggie.

Then of course… we had fatal Attractions. What a storyline that was!! Magster lets loose, Wolvie finds out the limit of his powers and Chuck finally gives in to his simmering rage.

And unleashed Mr O. Great stuff.

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“Laughs in sucks-at-fast-paced-competitive-games.”

I was in the same boat as you.
I jumped from guild to guild becuse they either disbanded, were more dead than a graveyard or just wasn’t the type of guild they advertised them selves to be.

I made my own guild back in cataclysm, can’t remember exactly. It’s me, my alts a friend with alts and sister.
Though sometimes i do miss the social part and as a achievement hunter it’s not possible for me to unlock all the guild rewards.
I did the same when playing guild wars, had my own guild along with a guild hall to manage. My own place to do whatever i feel like really.
Part of me wish there were ways to perform and represent my guild more in a solo way than it’s possible today, but thats not what a guild is for really :slight_smile:.
Im a solo player and will most likely go through shadowlands on my own aswell.
Either way i still love this game.

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Hey, I’ve created the coolest guild tabard and shirts ever, that alone is enough for people to join my guild. Perhaps second coolest, there might be a better colour variation for them, I may need to make some retouches upon them…

Guild rewards are not so cool already, besides I’ve already collected everything I want out of old social guilds. I don’t know, I might invite 50 chosen people who are into PvP and Mythic+ and start growing slowly.

It is still better having your own guild instead of relying on the others. Guild advertisements are generally a lie yea.

“We areee a bunch of old pro players returning to the game, we will compete for World First next patch.” then the guild unable to pass through the second mythic boss and disbands :smiley: They also disband because of loot fights.

There are also naive guild masters who believe in that they can create a perfect raiding guild in a month by inviting random players. One of my alts was in a random guild for Hearthstone cooldown reduction buff, guild master had high expectations of his guild, he was writing guild messages like “If you don’t even have max level neck and cloak why do you even play?” etc… The guy was probably extremely faithful to thoughts-aims in his mind he was complaining about guild members like this xD …

They’re tie-dye aren’t they…?

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My plus minus half a decade old guild consists of me and my alts, who are more like eternal prospects, really. They sometime get the enviable task of logging for years in the middle of some glacier to see if X has spawned.

We have some occasional guild drama, but are still plowing on.

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Dunno if Blizzard added new types of colours and borders etc…

Every guild that I had joined in the past had terrible tabards. If they paid for me to wear them, I would still not wear them and hang around like a clown. Some people really have no fashion taste :grin: .

I’d gladly join any guild with a tie-dye tabard.

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