Joining for RP

Welcome to Argent Dawn, and hope you like it here.

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Welcome! There’s a bunch of useful addons I would recommend! I think there used to be a thread on it, alas;
TRP3 (total Roleplay3) - This will allow you to build a profile for your character and read the profile of others!

Emote Splitter - This allows you to bypass the chat limit so that you are able to write lengthy replies and such!

Listener - A slightly more complex addon but it allows you to better keep track of people in a crowded area! It also alerts you when your name is mentioned in most chat channels!


Alternatively, Unlimited Chat Message, 's what I use.

Hope you enjoy your time on AD Telluh!

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Ok seriously, who in the Horde community hurt you?

You can play both, just saying. I do that too. With todays incredible fast leveling you can easily have your main character on Alliance and an alt on Horde without much gear that you can use to roleplay there too. Don’t have to set yourself into one side.

I want to add to the useful addons: crossrp. With this addon you can see TRP profiles across factions.

Also don’t forget you can speak to both sides with the neat little Elixir of Tongues.


Nobody hurt me. I’m just against lying to new people and leading them to make poor choices with their time.

100 people in Stormwind. 90 of them sit/walk around and don’t approach people. A new roleplayer will probably not approach people due to anxiety of doing something wrong with a mixture of shyness, which is ok because everyone is different.

20 people in Orgrimmar. 15 of them sit/walk around and don’t approach people. A new roleplayer will probably not approach people due to anxiety of doing something wrong with a mixture of shyness, which is ok because everyone is different.

Can you elaborate to me how the experience here would differ? On both sides it would be a “I sit and walk around”. That’s doable on both sides. Even so far that an entire casual social roleplay would be possible in places like Silvermoon or the Valley of Honor. Sure, Stormwind has numbers, but would someone new really make use of the numbers…? I doubt it severely. Not even veteran roleplayers do.

Who lied? The points in this thread here were:

  • GS is not a good place to go for roleplay (Zagkush & Tehya)
  • Alliance has an easier entry for people to get into guilds (Zagkush)
  • Horde roleplay is more guild centered (Moppentoff & Pitchwrench)
  • PCU is a good place for numbers (Tehya)
  • Giving examples of what to encounter in Stormwind (Gelbrock)
  • Jianyù using shinra tensei on Orgrimmar (Unfortunate)
  • Horde and Alliance having different roleplay styles and focus (Triseloux)
  • Both factions being active in their main hubs while Alliance has more numbers(Azalyn)

What’s the lie? Ok, I admit it’s probably Jianyù literally blasting Orgrimmar with a giant wave of gravity.

How do you know that it would be a poor choice with their time? I met on Horde in Legion a few people in Booty Bay that I am friends with to this day. That’s like 4 or so years. I don’t keep track. What if someone finds a really good person to roleplay with on Horde? If you don’t know the future, you can’t really tell what would be a poor choice of their time. Especially since roleplay (most roleplay I do) is 1 on 1 talks. You can do that on both sides. Especially as a beginner it won’t be much more than 1 on 1 talks.

Ok das it, I will go and blast Orgrimmar now with my god given abilities.


its an exercise in futility, don’t engage with the alt poster.

Hi friend, indeed as some above posted Goldshire should be avoided. :wink:

I personally RP on both sides and love it. There are plenty to do if you and your friend want to join a guild then you will most likely find RP anywhere because many guilds seek to move out from the capitals. Some stay inside. It is very dependent on what you are looking for as in kinds of RP rather on which side. CriminalRP? Warband? Guards? Traders? etc etc, this should determine where you end up. Ps, for Pirates Booty Bay is a good place to start out rather then the city.

No guild - No Problem:
If you don´t prefer the guilds then I suggest checking around on the forums here, wich can be abit overwhelming if your old and wrinkled like myself. I also suggest checking out the serverwebsite and look at the right tab for events that are going down, events that invite anyone. :slight_smile: That way you can find stuff that is going on, without the stress of the big cities.

https:// www.argentarchives. org/


Horde RP is real though, I main Alliance but I’d say the majority of my btag friends list are Horde RPers.

Why are people giving this clown any time


Yeah it’s just a featherwind gaming moment

1 day their psyche will recover from getting busted erping but not today


Take a hazmat suit.

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thanks folks - what an incredibly helpful community! I’m sure this will be great!

As for RP and covenants, what’s the deal? with my Night Elf hunter can i choose something other than night fae? I’ve already got another character thats done that so I was think Kerian or Necrolord? is this even viable?

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Convenents themselves don’t really matter so you can choose whichever you like best, or the one that fits your char in terms of mogs.

We, for the most part, only rp on Azeroth.

Edit: I only choose convenents for either the mogs or abilities, none of my chars fit the covenent they are currently in.

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Hey Telluh.

Since you are a returning player, feel free to check out some of my guides to help you out as you touch the ground running again!

Hope to see you around!
Except in Goldshire. Don’t go there.
Goldshire is to RPing is like drowning is to swimming.


Welcome to AD. Enjoy your stay, beware the trolls and stay out of trouble.

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I feel offended…

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Thank you! I will be returning to these several times no doubt

I think most people are just using covenants as an OOC thing for mogs, I don’t think there are many people going to Oribos or the other SL zones to RP. That might change? Idk. I think the RP is SLs would be very specific to those there. Maybe if there were SL guilds based around the zones, but the norma people that RP I don’t think will be going there much? Don’t quote me though, I could be wrong! But that’s just the vibe I have got from people I know.

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