Judgement of the Pure has to go

This PvP talent is an abomination it dispels Traps, Polymorphs, Flame Shocks, Boomy dots etc.

Other reasons why it should be removed:

-H Paladin already has an aoe dispel
-it will remove Prot from being played as a healer = 1 cancer less


I agree and you have little to no counterplay…
Everybody will say cc the ret …
Yes you can stun him but then what after 4 sec he will just dispel trap or whatever and it’s finish…
It’s a mechanic that game doesn’t need right now and will not need when the cc will be shorter next season .


I don’t know what they changed but before Judgement at least had 8 sec CD. Now I feel like I’m dispelled every 3-4 sec. It’s just ridiculus. And damage from dispel protection isn’t even 50% of what I’d do with Lava Bursts.

6sec cd aoe MD completely remove sp/ele from the game (affli got no clue if they get the dmg from ua dispell).

Ridiculous talent tbh.

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You have a talent as Ret now that gives Judgement two charges. And then there is Divine Toll as well.

That’s why!

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Remove purge also


They clearly forgot about pure of heart. Maybe they wanted to make a worse version.

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Judgement dispell proccs every dispell backlash. Using Judgement of the Pure against affli is trolling on high level. You can literally oneshot yourself with Divine Toll with it.


thats super funny how these fotm rerollers oneshoted themself the last 3 days with the ua backlash

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Ok tbf, the last 3 days ret was super forgiving. Historically lock has always been a ret counter, affli in particular. But the last 3 days ret could just live virtually anything. I heard stories about double ret playing Judge dispell into affli and still managing to win. :joy:

I accidentally played it one game into an affli because i forgot to swap it. Took huge chunks everytime i pressed Judgement, it was an interesting sight for me. :rofl:

had atleast 3 rets at arround 2,9mmr that spamming judge into ua and died every game while flaming the heal xdd

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That would actually be kinda funny to see lol, but then I wonder, can we get something out of that?! Which class/spec is the most famous to whine on healers? Whos the rerollers?!

This is literally the only good pvp talent ret has left after the nerfs to Lawbringer and Luminescence.


You mean absolutely broken not “good”.

Also you are absolutely wrong:

-Blessing of Sanctuary that you probably don’t even have bound
-Blessing of Spellwarden which is literally better Cloak of Shadows
-Aura of Reckoning

This guy is 24/7 on forums. He is not playing this game at all. Don’t even try to argue with him.

Yea, the talent that was here since SL. Had interaction with divine toll and divine resonance judgment procs. No one was crying till they got to know the ret kit better because of it’s popularity.


Probably that’s why

Blessing of Sanctuary isn’t castable on yourself and has long cd
BoS shares a cd with Blessing of Protection
Aura of Reckoning got nerfed by 50% a while ago and is considered useless, nobody uses it

If you want this talent nerfed then you’ll have to ask for buffs to our other pvp talents, because if JoP gets nerfed ret will be the only spec in the game without one good pvp talent.

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Its actually bugged what ive understood. Doesnt work with Crusading Strike. When it works, it could be a good option yes.

https://twitter.com/Swapxy/status/1638646986764165120 It works if you do this. These talents Swapxy mentioned and Aura didn’t work due to bug but you can fix it. Many people didn’t even know some of their talents didn’t work

And these all things make these talents “bad”.

“make sure to delete all talent pages and make new ones otherwise talents like [Fading Light] and [Crusader’s Reprieve] are not working”

Youve tested it and seen so it works with Crusading Strike otherwise? I kinda heard mes say this morning that its bugged and doesnt work