Just bring back tank games to solve long queues

Most dps players would rather be playing with a tank replacing healers like in prepatch with fast queues than waiting 30 min in queue for a healer. It’s getting ridiculous that Blizzard is doing nothing. The other solution is 2v2 double dps shuffle.


I’d rather wait 5h+ for a healer than to play a clown tank game.


Could you please stop making up stuff? I’d rather wait a day for queue pop than playing with any tank specc.

Always with the lies. No one wants to play tank games except for you.

Tbh I don’t queue so much any more but I’d never queue again if tanks were allowed back unless DPS queues were literally instant and it was like a 1/100 occurrence to get a tank.

Tanks don’t belong in arena.

id rather wait 3 weeks instead of playing with a tank

I’d rather wait 12 hours in q then 1 match with a tank.

Last time I played on my rogue I wait 45min just to face 2prot pal/ret/lock that was the most ridiculous and no skill lobby I’ve done in my entire life.

Also 0win condition at all when they all got bubble every 30sec, so no thx rather not at all than quing something clearly not made for arena.

Also I’d like who are the people you speak about that ‘’ rather play with tank… ‘’ cause I know nobody that like it.

It’s funny how every some period vinzoru comes with “everyone wants tanks back” and no one supported him a single time. But frankly, at least some break from “ret is finally viable, kite wings” threads

I’d rather stop quing SSQ at all than play them with tanks.

It’s almost like he’s a troll that knows people will bite every single time to the same threads :open_mouth:

I’d rather put a bonfire out with my face than join a prot pally Q

How many people were complaining about tank games in prepatch, a few dozen on the forum and Reddit out of millions of players? Believe me the silent majority want tank games back if it means queues go down to 5 min. They want an all dps option as well. 2 dps vs 2 dps and even 3 dps vs 3 dps, go all out. In addition they should add rated 5v5 death match, the more options the merrier. How is it possible me a random player can come up with all these ideas but no one at Blizzard can, are they incompetent? It’s only pearl-clutchers on the forum who want to pretend they’re on the way to AWC who demand the outdated healer +2 dps setup.

Again swapping forum avatar, what’s up with you and your schizophrenia?
But as for your claim that you know what the “silent majority” wants, then there’s no proof for that whatsoever. I can just as easily say that you’re wrong and the silent majority wants exactly what the vocal minority has been saying all this time, that tanks don’t belong in arena.

But you know something else? Blizzard is actually a big company. I know, it’s shocking, right?
So as a big company, they’ve got people dedicated to research. And you can tell what they came up with, by their actions. Both the “vocal minority”, and their access to chat logs (yes, they do have access to the chat logs across all bnet services), ended up with them removing tanks as much as they felt possible.
They even had to CLARIFY that they didn’t want to remove them entirely, even though there has always been a huge demand to get rid of them. Because Blizzard are “special people”, kinda like you Vinzoru, and your other personalities all wrapped up in your mind.


Dolf burn in h3ll

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