Just give New world a go?

seems like a good game, i actually enjoy the gather/crafting there as well, and that is rare for me to say. :smiley:

game looks good.
playstyle is fun.
no sub fee.
no paytowin.

seems like a good game, i feel no lvl preasure doing it at my own tempo, not gonna read any guides or vids explaining me stuff. i will do my thing, and if i get stuck i will ask for help by community. This is the way.


It has no endgame and pvp has been compared to warmode in wow where people do it for the bonuses but really want to get on with whatever they were doing.

Play it if you like and I hope you enjoy it, but lets be honest, the only reason you posted about new world on the wow forums is to take a dig at wow.


Did was the epitome of a game that if it had been released properly would have been decent, instead after a long time queued, which I did expect, I found a game totally underwhelming, but hey each to their own

Emm, no tnx :slight_smile: I already have one MMORPG, no need for 2nd one. I would rather spend that 29.99 buying other genre games, like shooter or racing :slight_smile: also PoE new season in 3 weeks, so plenty to do.

I got it too, queues aside it’s tons of fun


im just trying to bring a good experience to players, its a good game, i have it i play it as we speak, i got multi screens so i watch an eye on forums for the lols also.

I dont care about blizzard or wow, i care about ppl playing games.


After having all wow expansions im used to issues hahaha. give them a chanse =)

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As I said I did, and found it underwhelming, and alas due to the time in the queue I can’t refund it, yet its still going on the uninstall list.


the game is in very high demand atm, new servers all the time. i heard something about in 2 weeks or so it will give free transfer for every one. so just lvl at a new server.

btw i just heard this, fact check urself.

A lot of players from WoW already playing it, even streamers. Some won’t go for many reasons - for example there is nothing to flex at new/casual players and feels good themself. No go-go-go gameplay and so on.

It’s a new game. Sure its fun to chop trees or whatever while its new. If (big if) you stick with it you’ll be logging onto NewWorldHead soon enough to minmax your tree chopping skillz.

I mean, you could have taken the same approach with wow but all you do is screech how you how to grind a rep or something.

New World is fun because you don’t know what lies ahead, wow isn’t because its all been datamined and is a known quantity.

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Jesus which part of underwhelming is confusing you, you sound like a salesman for Bezos! I shall say it one more time, I didn’t think it was a game in like m as said in my original post, each to their own.

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oh this is a forum, more than you read it. i simpley made it clear that every one will get free server transfer, so loging into a server aint a issue as u can start on a new server. Cheers =)

I can’t see how New World is gonna sustain itself. For a game that was designed to be a PvP game it’s more restrictive than WoW, was watching some friends do one of the town raids and after like 15 people got into the keep or whatever everyone else in the guild was just teleported away. The PvE content still looks to suffer from copy pasted auto attack mechanics from overworld mobs so the only thing it’s got going for it is the profession stuff which will eventually cap out.

i have no idea how long it will last, but its tons of stuff to do, all is fresh to me i didnt play beta or alpha or looked at any guides or vids. i enter this game with a fresh mindset and i wont other ppl spoil the content for me, its all an adventure for me.

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I am glad you are enjoying it. For me it looks a bit hard to play and I hear there is a lot of PvP, so that makes it something I am not that interested in.

that whats lures me in, i died at lvl 5 from some mobs, this is fun for me. when i lvl in wow these days i never die, no risk no fun

My post actually got hidden?. what a community we have here.


Mandalorian reference?

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Sorry, FF XIV is a superior game.