Just sayin'

Tritambarum come to the PCU campaign


Do you guys have a link to leave feedback? I can think of a few AD posters who would be very eager to do so.

i’m the only one who figured it out because my brain walks the weirding way…

True. I agree.

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I got it, I thought others were joking when they said they didn’t.

If there was a place to leave feedback re: the forums, I’d like to request for this thread to be unlocked and/or perhaps stickied because it took a lot of effort to write up this RP resource for the community to use

please and thank you


Please do not tempt me…

do it in 10

Second this because it’s a rlly powerful and well-sourced RP resource.


Be a lot easier if I didn’t have to manually dig it from my post history and link it when someone requests it each time

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can’t you favourite it?

poor sathrynn appearing up there as if she’s the OP

I have seen a work in progress of something and it absolutely terrifies me.

Don’t expect it to ever be finished tbh

You’re a treasure!

A great majority of all the people I’ve met on AD are nice and kind, and are a joy to roleplay with. To all of you, thank you. Especially in the miserable times that 2020 has brought us all.


I wish Tritambarum was my friend


Did both threads get nuked? Or was it all a dream after all? What a fabulous end to a strange day!

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Our new forum mod nuked them both, yes. Even gave us a long, parting post in one of them.


See, sometimes AD does get nice things! Thanks for the reply.