Just tried out FF14 for a couple days...I don't even care about fresh tbc anymore

The game’s legit super fun, the story is great, the pve is great, the community is great…I’m only wondering what took me so long to find out how good this mmo was.


Playing a dragoon rn, it’s amazeballs.


But why post about it here? Go have fun on ff forums


To bring the good word to sad wow players emprisoned in blizzard’s jail. It’s important, because the more blizzard loses customers, the more it is likely to reflect on its errors and change its misguided game.


Prob so tht people can go try it and see what they could be experiencing instead? We should all be on the consumers/customers side here.


Nice to see you like it and im sure blizz senior management crappin their pants right now when asmon having 100k+ wieves streaming it.

WoW is done blizz need to invent some new mmo or step away from making games all together and only focus on remaster warcraft ,starcraft,diablo and other 25 year old game they own.



He’s right ye know ^

I’m trying out MCH (machinist) in ff14, it’s like a hunter on steroids, super fun.

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Blizzard need to wake up. There is zero communication from them about anything. There’s bugs that haven’t been fixed from the beta still (priest reflective shield).

Servers are slowing becoming 1 faction pve servers and blizzard do nothing about it. All classic TBC feels like is a massive cash cow. My pvp server has been ruined by all the alliance transferring away, but guess what? Blizzard made at least £10k out of server transfer money and it’s not even a large server so why would they care?

The more pressure FF puts on wow, the better game wow should become (in theory)


Well actually, the rumor is that blizz is gonna become a mobile developer and activision will take their trademark name to stamp on random projects made by outside developers.
Let’s prepare for “Clash of Warcraft”, “Warcraft Go” and “Candy Crush : orcs and humans”.

Already, the D2 remake is now off company, after the debacle of War3R.

Or it will just continue to shrink until it disappears in a “POP”.


This is a much more plausible outcome: it would take an insane amount of work for WOW to become a good game again, maybe WOW2, and the passion is gone, the vision is game, they just don’t know how to make a good mmo anymore.

It would be way, way easier for them to make a lot of money by focusing on the mobile market, which they’re already preparing for with diablo immortal and all that stuff.

Not more than the remake of FF14 or even the work done for Cata, actually.

No I think it would take 1-2 month work of design flat to remake WoW into a good MMO (which is what happened for FF14). Then some months of dev work to implement this new design. All the assets already exist, so it’s not a big project.

The real question is : have they got the humility and skill required to remake WoW from scratch ? I do not think so.


The difference is that the square enix team has been around for decades, they’re the ones who created the final fantasy universe, there are tons of super stars in terms of video game design there, there’s masayoshi soken for the music, the japanese quality standard and so on…Blizzard doesn’t have what made them a great company before: the people.


Well yes and no. Yes the people who made wow great are gone. No in the sense that I don’t know if the old team, facing the same systemic problem, would have the humility to accept they have failed and redo it from zero.

Blizzard corporate culture always was very proud, prideful even. Before, they had reason to be prideful (they made good products), now they are prideful of their garbage. But still, if you are prideful, you don’t say “I made a mistake” and redo from scratch.

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and pvp?

open world?

global cooldown of 2.5 seconds?

need to continue xD ?

yes its a great game…for casual flowers >D


No Twitch Hypes. Thats why.
Now you have twitch hypes and fall for it. Quite funny how easy you people are to get.
Its must be an golden age for every gaming company with guys like you tbh.

Pay a Twitch Streamer, give him support - thats it. Done. Product sold.

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Blizzard has no intentions of competing with another MMO at this point. You can tell they are just about to throw in the towel since they’ve released Classic and TBC Classic with WoTLK soon to follow all with micro transactions built in and with more on the way once the game starts losing more and more players they ain’t going to decide to throw more money at a game on the decline they are just going to monetize Classic further and make profit from a game that requires little maintenance they are essentially following what Everquest did.


Pff another one who yield and was not made for the cut , you could pay me and I would not play that silly game also groundhog days stomping radio gif please ! Enough of your final fantasy thread in the wow forum !

ff is not a good or fun game,superugly creatures,cat toons (lmao) and totally a weebgame.

Anime? No, thanks