Keti caravan

Keti Caravan is looking for fun members who are into roleplay. and other events such as m+, raids, and other sociable intentions.

For rp events we are looking for the following: People who are experienced in creating events.

Caravan protectors.

post office: Here you have to remember that you go around to see what exactly is going on in azeroth. and from there to be able to plan an event based on if someone needs to be rescued or a goods delivery supplies have to be brought. whether someone should be rid of so-called criminals who target the person.

in short. what it’s really about. is that keti caravan earns much more activity by wanting to grow it.

actually everything is both a bit welcome as long as it remains limited.
So no evil, god modding or other things that we don’t want to have anything to do with.
try to avoid as much drama as possible. Which is really top priority

Do you feel addressed and do you want to support the guild and help it grow?
so drop by when keti is of course present in the valley of honor.
And else drop a whisper to Ketiwhitefur.

the more souls the more joy, and cozier that it is. and the more events we can prepare and run :wink:

Greetings. Keti Whitefur!


Would highly recommend not associating with kid roleplayers or god-modding feral cat rpers if you want to be taken seriously.


Preferrably not ones that promote roleplaying as kids please.


Yeah, I’ve just been made aware. It seems being out of the game certainly spared me much of the awful stuff I don’t miss.


I feel you there

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Vulpera have a bad reputation for attracting a negative crowd, namely the less pleasant side of the furry fandom. Please don’t contribute to that by encouraging and allowing the RP of vulpera kits, thank you.


I’d also recommend you set some ground rules for your guild. A set of guidelines to help enforce that you are roleplay guild and a good way to ensure you avoid the drama you do not want.

Things like:
Don’t OOC in /s to help keep immersion of the realm.
Don’t swear (It is just considered crude and genrally isn’t nice to see when roleplaying)
Don’t ERP. Trust me, just… No.

Good luck!


Sorry for having to piggyback on this, but - has this recently gotten worse or am I just more sensitive to it?

I’ve seen an influx of OOC in /s in the middle of RP (at least in Orgrimmar), and it’s been nagging me. Especially when it’s either just two other people that could just as easily talk in /w, or - even worse - members of the same guild who could use /g for that.

Besides that, I can only echo what has already been suggested here.


I am not always in the Valley of Honor, but I have seen an increase in it.

It isn’t hard to form a group and talk OOCly, or even whispers.

Talking OOCly in /s just breaks immersion, flooding the chat with pointless information that people don’t really want to read.


The Good stuff has a tendency of leaving faster than the bad bunch present in the game. Doesn’t surprise me that the more… Egregious elements stand out more and more.


Right, I give my two cents on this.

First of all, the OP is rather bit all over the place. I’m still trying to figure out the real thing about this other than reading “No drama” and “Need somebody to DM” Big red flags.

Second By the gods the Child RPers. Are you somewhat grown-up or do you live in some fantasy you are still kids? Just, no.

Third, Don’t OOC in /s or in /e


or have death knights who breastfeed their pets


Today seems like a bad day to have eyes.


Child RPers with guns too, because it’s ‘part of my rp story’, yes, that’s something that happened…



What the hell am I reading…


Wondering the same.

Whenever I feel like I am missing WoW, I should read this thread, that’ll get rid of my nostalgia real fast


Might be an unpopular opinion here, but… am I the only person who doesn’t mind OOC in /say as long as it’s not in the middle of actively on-going RP? I couldn’t care less if someone’s chatting in /say on a roof (assuming those below that roof cannot see it), high up in the air or in the middle of an unpopulated/current content zone.


You are right. That is an unpopular opinion.


I don’t mind it either as long as yea, not in RP :man_shrugging: Could be worse things.