Kicking from RDF... as a joke?

This should be addressed by the developers. People premade in RDF and kick others because… they think it is funny. I saw people, myself included, getting kicked for nothing, a wrong pull, a death from a boss mechanic, afk for a couple seconds, low dps (everyone was under level 30) or even talking. This is a massive waste of time as you can get the deserter debuff or get kicked at the last boss. The kicking mechanic should be available only if the player is AFK for at least 1 minute(EDIT: this won’t work) OR 4 yes’es to kick someone instead of 3 to 1 majority OR there should be at least a report option for wrongful kicks from RDFs. It is being abused by kids right now, do something about it. (PS: If you are going to comment that the system works most of the time, please don’t)

Don’t know about else, but i prefer to be able to remove someone who’s bullying a party member. 1min afk means you can ONLY remove someone if they’re away.

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Translation: Don’t disagree with me.

Give a pertinent argument of why the system works if you disagree.

“The system works most of the time” is something the kids that kick for their own amusement would say.

I raised this issue because I am sure there are other people that got kicked for no reason from RDFs with pugs and maybe the devs will finally do something about it.

I am okay with the solution of adding a report rubric specifically for this issue, so if someone abuses it they will get punished.

If someone is bullied you can ignore/report.

Because no system is perfect for all occasions.

Your “idea” caters to your particular issue in this particular circumstance but ignores all the other valid reasons to kick because it doesn’t suit you at this time.

If you got a group with a person abusing you and trolling and wiping the group but “he wasnt afk for a minute” you’d change your tune pretty quickly.

Thats the thing with most people that come here with their knee jerk ideas and suggestions. They make them to fix the one problem they had at that time and ignore any further consequences or impacts of said kneejerk reaction.

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Yes, I agree, and I said that it is a better idea than the afk timeout if they added a report option to players that were wrongfully kicked. This way the players that vote kicked for no reason can be disciplined. This way they will think twice before doing it again.

System works most of the time

I agree too. The system is very abusable. Happened to me many times no matter if I am top dps. I was kicked before for falling from the edge by wrong blink. People nowadays are too sensetive. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I was just lvling an alt in normal Shadowlands dungeons and I hear my cat meowing in front of the door. I tell them “brb, gotta let my cat in” and in the 15 sec it took me to get up, open the door, and sit back down I got kicked from the group :slight_smile:

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Clearly, the party members were dog people.

I haven’t RDF in a while, but my friend got kicked while leveling an alt for asking if they wanted to do the quests.

RDF… me and abbreviations :slight_smile: no idea!

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