Kun-Lai Summit problem

I went to Kun-Lai Summit zone to kill Sha of Anger and got a lot of “Instance not found” messages in chat. So I tried to relog but when trying to log back in I go “World server down” error message. I waited an hour but still had the problem.
I used “Move character” service while logged on different character to relocate affected character (this paladin) and after he got moved to Wesfall I could log back in. So I went back to Kun-Lai to see if it got fixed but got DCed as I stepped in again.
I tried to go there on different character and I got “Instance not found” chat spam as well so I hearthed that characted to safety.
What is going on in Kun-Lai???

There is also post about some priest who cannot enter Priest Class Hall in Legion because he recieves message “instance not found” spam. These cases must be connected somehow.

Looks like massive sharding problem.

I have the same issue, I can’t go to Kun-Lai with any of my characters with war mode off. But turning it on hey Kun-Lai is there. Yes i think it is sharding problem too. Why I am not surprised. The sharding still does not work correctly one and half months later.

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Same issue, logged out in there and now I cannot login without getting a World Server Down message

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Interesting how blizzard remains silent about this issue. I did not even get answer to ticket I wrote about this.
Also this thread was for some reason moved from support to this section even tho it has nothing to do with quests or achievements.
This is how Blizzard sweeps problems under the rug.

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