Last blue topic was May 14

In one week it will be two months since the post of emty promises. Can we at least get an update? Pop is getting lower and lower, some initiatives die down. A blue post would be nice. At least give us a aprroximate time for when next discussion is going to take place. At this time I’m only leveling a warr and only on rested exp (since 90% of the time I have to solo-play).

I will keep tracking days in hope you see how bad the comunication from blizzard is so far.

54 days days since last blizzard post




65 days boys, way to go, come on, blue post


I don’t blame them. Peoples desires go in all directions and how are they supposed to relate to that, other than fueling the fire.


68 days, still no response

  1. There was an achievement in the isle of thunder, approaching a tiny dinosaur would scare it off. The achievement implied players scare blue posters away.
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Blizzard won’t say if they are talking about anything or not.


They are busy with the sue now xD

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I don’t think the Lawyers are the ones who post on the forums. :wink:


Considering other unfortunate happenings with Blizzard employees saying the wrong thing during a crisis I don’t think the lawyers will let any1 post anything for a while, not only on forums xD

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3 days until subscription runs out. Will only renew if they fix classic era.

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just wow …

They won’t fix whatever you don’t like about it in 3 days. Probably never.

Worst part is that if they do fix it, those that have gone will not be notified unless told by friends or similar.

“business model” :smiley:

daddy blizzard went out for a pack of cigs /cry

73 days, they announced that even retail is gonna be behind schedule so gl hf, whatever other game you play. Sorry for those that prayed 15 euros. You should probably chargeback on your credit card. Still having a bit of fun with BCC, but idk how long it is going to last.

Lol dude there is unfortunately nothing to fix with Classic era, around 99% of Classic player base went to BCC, like how do you want them to fix it? I just logged after some time to Classic era and I almost cant believe how terrible and dead the game is - like there is not even a chance to form a stupid normal dungeon group and I really hardly believe there are some raids going on in Classic (like MC, BWL, AQ etc.). It seems like that the old sentence “you think you do, but you dont” just really got its meaning…

75 days, Darrowshire incoming, thinking of joining it

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There is many things they could implement to make Classic servers alive.

For one - STOP CHARGING PEOPLE to transfer their characters to Classic only servers it’s an utter disgrace that they charge people for a game in it’s current state and to basically play on dead servers in fact if they didn’t charge then many people who moved to TBC may log once in a while.

They could merge all the servers just to build up as much players as possible.

They could announce fresh servers which would definitely draw players back.

Sadly Classic just feels abandoned and will most likely stay like that until late in TBC when they want to catch some of the bored players and offer fresh for Classic to keep them subbed until WoTLK Classic.

They could literally do anything but choose to do nothing. 77 days and my friends are going to go to a private server. I wander if they killed the game intentionally. I really do.