Last wish - Nightborne customization

Can’t wait for more hair colours for Nightborne, something more than 3 different shades of white and bluish-grey. :joy: A lilac sort of colour would look nice. Happy for the VE, too. Need scars and warpaint/arcane tattoos for blood/void elves and Nightborne and that would be dope. And beards for trolls. Man, there is so much they could do to reflect the lore and visual identity of the races.


Nothing that artists can do about these issues really.

Is there any chance that collected soulshapes can become account-wide? Druid shapes are, and soulshapes are similarly cosmetic - plus the more are added the rougher it will be to collect them for alts.


also on topic of soulshapes, druid forms etc
New Shaman spirit forms would be awesome too
had few possible animal shifts in mind, for tauren can be ghost kodos (slightly comical when i think about it, the size of this thing xD) or even eagle

another thing i thought of, with heritage armor getting focus in the future, what about heritage weapons? for example nightborne npcs in suramar city have quite badass weaponry that will be perfect combo for the heritage armor


Unfortunately this does not mention new faces for Nightborne, which is the worst offender, so I remain skeptical.


i am moust hyped for the new toys :rofl:

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I dont like nightborns i would never play 1 but then i am a real alliance player

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The same argument can be applied to any facet of the game though. The game should be “perfectly balanced” from the word go, should it not? Therefore by your definition, nobody is actually doing their job at all?

I think you are over simplifying things. It isn’t a case of “X customisation means done” like balance, it’s an ongoing thing.

I will agree blizzard should have done more on the customisation front sooner absolutely 100 percent but I’m not sure I’d accuse the art team of “not doing their jobs clearly” owing to this. I mean the art team are the one team in WoW consistently praised by the playerbase for knocking what they do out of the park. Clearly they’ve been directed towards different priorities which worked when development could keep up (ie content patches were regular) but with the delays of SL, you now have an art team that can produce quicker than the development team and produce content, so it makes sense to utilise them in this manner.

Back in legion we had patches regularly so the art team were always busy working on “the next zone” or whatever, because it would be dropped within a matter of months. At current we’re not seeing “new zones” for at least 6 months or whatnot. The art team WILL be able to produce art content and assets for new zones far quicker than that because they don’t have to undergo strenuous testing of their work (balance testing) once it’s okayed as fitting the concept, it’s then good to go and just needs to be made.

Very different working habits. I mean balance and design decisions are stuff like “how can we make sure players feel this is worth doing without coercing them? What is too much power to grant? How can we balance X leggo versus Y leggo when they work very differently?” These are very difficult questions to answer without extensive testing as they all relate to each other.
Art questions are stuff like the well advertised “Given Maldraxxus is what it is, how can we keep this concept true yet involve environment of height that trees would ordinarily provide?” This doesn’t require any testing, it just requires a brainstorming session.

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the same people would spit on you if you got a rare mount drop.
they dont really deserve attention :slight_smile:

Who cares about some small group of people who feel miserable and want to spread their own misery on others who they supose have something nice going for them recently.


imo not having Withered as an option is the most disappointing.


Hello there,

Thank you very much for listening to this feedback and implementing it for 9.1.5 I’m very grateful and happy about this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I do have some other suggestions/requests if possible to pass on please;

Void Elves/High Elves

  1. Turning off void form visual effect (racial effect)
  2. High Elf Ranger & mage Tattoos (blood elves could get receive similar Blood Elf style ones)
  3. Possible option to change the tool tip text of the racial name from Void Elf to High Elf so it displays you as a high elf instead of void elf, all this needs to be is visual change on the tooltip nothing game changing in terms of racials. Could make it a selectable option when creating the character.


  1. Possible option to change the tool tip text of the racial name from Dwarf to Wildhammer Dwarf so it displays you as a Wildhammer dwarf instead of Dwarf, all this needs to be is visual change on the tooltip nothing game changing in terms of racials. Could make it a selectable option when creating the character.
  2. Possible Frost Dwarf customisation

Many kind regards,



Like the rusted and non-rusted option for Mecha gnome.

But Kul-tirans got this same bad treatment too, people wanted the skinny model to be an option too, but it wasn’t.

I’m happy for the Nightborne :heart_eyes_cat: looks like I’m going to make a Horde mage next patch.


I think a possible reason for that is the female kul Tirans lacked such a model and thus it would require way more design than intended.

From what I read Kul Tirans as we see them Weren’t meant to be playable at the point they were so they essentially “rushed” making them playable.

This said I think it would be a cool option to have the gaunt option so long as females get one too. Just not the “generic human model” as an option because there has to be some difference at least.

When a Nightborne becomes Withered there is no going back. In this state they live a miserable existence, driven by a primal thirst for mana.

Nightfallen is a limbo state between Nightborne and Withered. They are still intelligent but will eventually become withered if they don’t find enough mana, or eat the fruit of the Arcan’dor.

Playing as either of these makes no sense as the fruit is freely available and Suramar’s shield no longer exists. Even if you somehow did the brain gymnastics and your character did not eat the fruit and were exiled from Suramar, why would the Horde take you? How would the Nightborne intro scenario make any sense at all?


Seems like some individuals did not read the diary of the Arcanist Kel’danath. :sweat_smile:


Lore seems a minor inconvenience when asking for options for some.

See: requests for Eredar, Naga etc.

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Since you seem to be looking at the feedback, would it be too much to ask for to let male blood elves/void elves have earrings like just females do? I never understood why something like earrings is locked for males and only available for females.
I would love to use earrings on my elf guys. It just seems like a very elven thing to do to decorate these long ears.
We already have male characters like Lor’themar having his ears pierced so would it be too much to ask for to let us also use earrings on our male characters?

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The thread is dedicated for the Nightborne, and for the Nightborne it was answered.

It is not a Q&A thread in the end. Please stop.