Last wish - Nightborne customization

And give worgen a tail

and animation to roll and try to bite it pls


reading your replies

Thank you. Sorry for posting it again, added some, ehm, “links” and details.

As mentioned many times before, the main nightborne problem is that we can’t look even close to the original counterparts from Suramar — imgur com/a/FCfhEV3, while orcs and humans can cosplay Orgrimmar/SW guards pretty easy. Why can’t nightborne? Since you hear us, I’ve made a compilation of thoughts and ideas from many different people.


• Charismatic faces with narrowed eyes and sharp and high cheekbones. Suramar NPCs have perfect propotions — imgur com/a/V9R4LDN.

Just PLEASE, don’t copy paste the dumb smiles from female nelves! A smile isn’t something to be 100% time on a face, it just starts to look creepy.

• Something I’ve noticed as a rogue: we need a fix for face masks (lower it down a bit), so it don’t clip with an eyes — imgur com/a/50RA4YI.

• Some love for the body model and weird legs fiximgur com/a/RLAVUxO.

• Nightfallen/Felborne/Arcane/Fal’dorei options and colors.

Felborne explains warlocks (would be a great warlock-only feature, if anyone besides death knights and demon hunters had a class customization). Nightfallen fantasy fits for someone who isn’t fully cured from the Arcan’dor for whatever reason isimgur com/a/Wjtj0bh.

More eye colors: nightwell purple, fel green and more. Maybe even dark blue, not sure lorewise tho.

• More leylines with better resolution and different color options (purple leylines pls pls!). An option for nightfallen dark non-glowing leylines, that look more like scars — imgur com/a/tlpeoI1.

• More skin tones, including pure dark silver and other 50 shades of grey.

• More jewelry, piercings, bracers, necklaces. Let it be silver, gold, bronze etc.

Chin jewelry and “Regal” hairstyle diadem as a separate option.

Glowing hands and nightfallen hand runes.

Glowing hair tips.

Hair ornaments: Arcan’dor vines for a hair, maybe decorative dusk lily flower(s), fal’dorei arcane web, thin silver chains with moonstones/purple gems.

• Some physics for a hair — when my character jumps, her long hair is just glued to her back. And it’s weird.

• Please, fix the “Highborn” hairstyle to look like NPC original — imgur com/a/hZAhC7k.

• Fal’dorei hairstyle or something alike.

• The idea of sharing hairstyles between elven races is tempting, but not that great since each WoW race is used to have it’s own unique style (well, if we forget about BE/VE), tho blood elf “Chronmage” hairstyle on nightborne, shown by Keyboardturner, is something very hard to resist. Lunaera’s painting has almost the same hair, but even better, shal’dorei styled. And Faebelina’s ideas are also great — imgur com/a/E584ma9.

PLEASE, don’t borrow much from night elves. Imo, much better idea is to mix DnD drow with Suramar/magical stuff. Would be nice to see some arrogant, harsh, grumpy or even sad faces, instead of the same happy smile for each of them.

• An opinion some people may disagree with: bearded elves would look weird, it just doesn’t fit for nightborne. I think they’d rather use jewelry “beards” instead of facial hair — imgur com/a/pv9T9g7.

Few more wishes:

Non-robe heritage armor, or just copy paste from Suramar NPCs.

Heritage weapons you’ve promised so long ago, which are literally already existing in-game models — imgur com/a/9GOBZOV. (For a NB rogue, Mage Tower daggers fit perfectly. So sad cuz it’s not available anymore :confounded:).

• Let us wear some Suramar clothes.

• Unique nightborne dance (honestly, every allied race deserve one).

Really hope you’ll notice and implement at least at least some of the things mentioned here :purple_heart:


Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and suggestions so far! It’s been a pleasure for the team to read how passionate you are about the looks of your in-game characters.

We wanted to share a handful of the customization options you’ll be able to choose for male Lightforged Draenei and female Nightborne, some of which have been requests from this thread. :blush:

Lightforged Draenei New Customization Options

Nightborne New Customization Options


Omg omg omg. They look Amazing :heart_eyes_cat:

And finally, Slanted eyes and gold jewelry! I will definitely make a Horde mage next patch.

Thank you :heart:


You tease you know about 90% of Draenei players play female (totally 100% not made up statistic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).


Yeah, based


Omg!! Yess!! Thank you so much :heart:

looks like its time to go back to main my nightborne warrior again :rofl:
can’t wait till 9.1.5 im so glad on this work and the slanted eyes as we asked!
i really like the work, keep it up :heart:

<insert “both? both is good” meme gif here>


It gives them more diversity, that’s cool ! :+1:

I think all races should have an option to choose the color (gold, silver, copper ect …) of their jewelry.


LoL the new target audience likes it but is not much money maybe fix the game so i dont die in half a second

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Omg omg omg my heart, send help, thank youuuu :sob:


I just hope that every european blizzard employee can keep their workplace


Looking amazing.


thats Dark elves skins :heart:

playable drows/dark elf conformed …


Well well well.

Nightborne with slanted eyes and jewellery colours AND lightforged with a yellowish tint.

Can’t wait to see more teasers for male nightborne. Nice one blizzard!

Just as a heads up for highmountain predictions- white fur and white antlers. You have no idea how many highmountain players would like white or black antlers.


Good. Listen to players who pay sub more and don’t listen to twitter users who never played any blizzards game


next we want new eye colors and hairstyles …

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9.1.5 is looking better and better. I’m very hopeful the gameplay will improve as well.

Cant wait to see the Hair color sneak peak :eyes: I’m both excited and nervous as this is my main character. :laughing:


I’m really hoping maybe one day at some point Night Elves will get the Highborne/regal options they deserve. Options like how Azshara one of the most iconic and important elven characters in their history has. Golden jewelry and regal hairstyles :confused:


They look really awesome!

I might roll horde for some weeks :slight_smile:

My personal request for the void elves:

  • Alleria tattoos! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes_cat:
    she is their leader and looks really cool, with blonde hair and blue tattoos !