Last wish - Nightborne customization

@linxy @Baptista I wanted to thank you for your awesome feedback gathering and communication!

YOU ARE AWESOME! Good job with the next patch Blizzard! <3 <3 <3


Was wondering if there are unshown customizations for the Nightborne?

Because from the preview pictures, it is notable that LFD male have 7 new horns/hairstyles, and male Nightborne have 4 new hairstyles.


The Nightborne will be able to choose golden jewelry, they will be matched to the color of the unavailable NB armor.

I think she should be add.


Well tendrils can be used… for other things. But I’m definitely not eathing them. Ew.


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My favorite Community rep Linxy! Would you be so so kind to ask if a White and Black hair colour can also be added for Void elves? Some of our friends in both the Helf and Velf communities are sad because we did not get to see a White and a Black. The time for requests is right now! I promise to lay low after that! Thank you again SOOOO much WoW team and Community reps!! <3 <3 <3


My Nightborne mage is gonna look so rad. :sneezing_face:

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And brown as well please. :slight_smile:


Indeed I have friends who were really hoping to see a Brown along with the Blonde! Perhaps they can add a lovely Brown, Black and White by the time 9.1.5 hits!
Besides Void elves are having it worse than any other race with hair colours atm, they have the least variety out of all the races (no joke check if you don’t believe me)


This isn’t FF when it comes to what you want, please stop. There are games for that, but don’t turn player races into literally Alexstraza copy cats when it comes to showing alot of Skin and less armor.

Skimpy outfits are fun tho… :sunglasses: I’m a girl and I love’em xxx


Strange fetish in that case.

Linxy thank you, these all look amazing.

Nightborne male is a vast improvement over the current model, it is amazing how much narrow eyes change the model. Also, metal chin really gives a good symmetry with the shape of the ears, really digging the ‘‘ancient egyptian noble’’ vibe.

In hopes you read this, oneeeee more thing that you may consider!

Please make the Nightborne heritage armor with pants version as well. It is one of the most amazing looking sets in the game, and while i don’t have a general problem with robes/gowns, it is a bit awkard for a hunter, warrior and rogue to sport them :slight_smile:


Linxy, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you and the team for everything so far! You have no idea how happy I am. I am like a little kid, excited for Christmas.

I know I might be asking for more, but are there any chances of seeing 2 iconic hairstyles of the Nightborne for the playable Nightborne please?

For female:

And for male:

If it is too much, I do understand that too.

Again thank you very much, and everyone who has been working on the Nightborne.


For female:

And for male:


Heritage weapons
The Lightforged have their arsenal (tho tied to a super anoying achivement on Argus…)
The Nightborne have hands down the best weapon skins in the game!
Well our NPCs that is…
Would be very nice to use those glowy, arcane weapons
insert mandatory Homer Simpson drooling meme
Arcane weappppoooons…


Aye sets of heritage weapons skins for all races that have heritage armor.


I would really appreciate golden jewelry options for Night Elves and some regal hairstyles pls (even if they are taken from the Nightborne or any other elves). Let me live my full Highborne/Azshara dreams :pleading_face:

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I am so happy for us, Luna :sunglasses:

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Greetings, Linxy. I must say that I admire the work of the art team, you guys are doing an incredible job. I really do, and I hope you keep this up.

However, I find your choices a bit confusing from time to time: When you thought of adding more customizations, why in the world did you not think of adding a single long beard for the Human race?

Are you not familiar with long-bearded Humans? Of course you are. After all, there are Humans in the game with long beards, they just are…outdated NPCs (see Khadgar’s TBC model, the Necromancer model, and citizen models in the dungeon “Old Hillsbrad Foothills”).

As a main fantasy aspect for Human wizards, shouldn’t long beards have been the first thing to come up with?

And especially when you know that Humans are objectively the most diverse race, and you yourselves say that

Humans should have had a long beard option since 9.0.
Of course other races could use it, too, don’t get me wrong, but Humans need it most desperately. They don’t have a single beard that covers the chest.

I know other races needed attention since they got nothing, but now that you dealt/ are dealing with them, can you please give us a hint that we will actually get long beards for Humans? It is just a terrible injustice we have endured since Classic.

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I have a lot of hope that something like long beards for humans is on the agenda, just as it is for the race: humans to introduce the hairstyles and beards of the Kul Tirans.

Blizzard has created such a great diversity with all the hairstyles and other customisation options for different races, why not make them accessible for the most part. It seems that only minimal adjustments are needed in the process.

Oh and it would be really wonderful to see hair and (long) beards through headgear like hats, hoods or open helmets.

Keep up the good work Art Team! Thank you very much!