Last wish - Nightborne customization

Linxy, blonde is my favourite but my friends would really appreciate a Black and a Brown for Void elves too if possible thank you! :heart: xxx hope it’s not too much to ask xx


blonde hair to nightborne aswell …

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It will make them look unnatural. Yellow hair on beautiful dark body hmm…
Hmm… :grimacing:

Nightborne have taste so i doubt they need that colour

I love this, but I have to ask if you could do something for Pandaren?

We have this pretty unsightly neckline where the texture stretches and switches resolution. It looks absolutely horrible. Here’s a picture where I’ve taken the chestpiece off to show that it isn’t just old armour pieces that do this:

Although it is reasonable to say that we started out with the new rigging and therefore weren’t in the state that the other races were in when they were upgraded, we were still the first.

As a result Pandaren have a few glitches and other oddities that witness of a team stretched to its limits trying to get this new rigging to work.

The bodies are not too egregious. They could use a little smoothing around the edges by simply getting some more polygons, and some more loose fur here and there would probably also look great.

No - the issues are the faces. Or rather, the face - and the transition from that face to the body.

Pandaren only have a single facial geometry per gender, and that should be fixed. Broader snouts, flatter brows, a more gaunt face perhaps - whatever you can think of. Some facial options would be nice.

Pandaren males have facial hair, which give a little bit of variety, but the females do not obviously. Outside of facial hair, the different faces are different fur patterns.

(Yes, that’s my hilariously cluttered inventory from BfA. Sue me. Just look at the neckline please. xD)

So - can Pandaren please have:

  • Variety in facial geometry
  • An uprezzing of their body geometry and, in particular, texture
  • A fixed neckline
  • A couple more customisation options, especially in the hair department

We have the oldest model in the game and it really shows.


there is dark elves what has gray skin and blonde hair so why cant there be nightborne once …

They do have a platinum blonde :slight_smile: unless you want a brighter shade

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if it was up to me i would make streaks in the hair blonde (gold) and white… :smiley:
something like this

Aww that sounds really nice, I did suggest several times the introduction of highlights xx

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bliizzard needs to learn that customizations is the moust importen part of the game :rofl:

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I was wondering if it’s ok to give Blood elves a few extra customizations? The males especially seem a little lacking.

Of course Allied races are a top priority when it comes to customizations, especially the Highmountain, Vulpera, Kul’tirans, etc.

But once that is all done, I would love it if blood elves get something’s too. (Suggesting this for my blood elf friends)

  • Elven tattoos (like Warcraft 2)

  • Runic tattoos (like the art in burning crusade for blood elves)

  • Red eyes (for Blood elf Deathknights at least)

Thank you :heart: this will give them more flavor, especially TBC themed.


The thread turned into humans beards, void elves hair colour, pandaren issues, blood elf customization while the thread is dedicated for the Nightborne.
These people…


No offense Luna, but the Blue announced the customizations here. So… Its natural for people to request stuff here.


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They have announced the Nightborne and LFD changes here, not for others.

Nothing stops them from making their own threads.

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i want to play dark elf already


Sorry if we blew up the topic of the post a bit. ^^’ It’s only been that Blue Person above who has inspired one to hit the keyboard, thinking it will be more likely to be listened this way.

They mentioned the void elf here too.

But still… Nightborne could really go with actual visible tattoos. The weird angles you have to shift to see them irks me.
Also, give me my arcane glow on hair and fingers!


But you got what you wanted, and this thread has had more attention than all my pleas for long beards together.

And that used to happen in my every thread- I asked for long beards for Humans, and some people cried “Nightborne got nothing”. Indeed they had nothing, but these are two completely different things. Do you feel threatened by other requests, even after they are made real?

I made the Long Beards For Humans (#LBFH) comment because this thread already became centered around Void Elves. It has not been about Nightborne for a while now (ever since the announcement).

And since it drew Blizzard’s attention, I thought it was one of a very few opportunities to talk some sense to them.

These in mind, I do not see why this is bad.


Humans and void elves are stinky

The Void Elves and Highmountain Tauren have yet to receive “their new customizations”, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the previews would be posted in this thread when the time comes. :wink: