Last wish - Nightborne customization

give vulpera hairstyles :rofl:

I do like our tattoos, they are the most unique thing that any race can wish for, there is no race with tattoo style as ours, meaning it shines upon sun/light touches the skin.

I told you before, and telling you again, you have all my support on your issue, I (we) got what I (we) wanted, as compared to other races we had literally nothing, we got this after constant ignores from the devs as well as community. Yes community, as some individuals were finding my request as a cliche.

Please check, how many threads I and others have made for them to hear the requests. A female human has 26 eyebrow options, meanwhile the Nightborne had 29 customizations in total.

At last, they heard for which I am grateful from bottom of my heart.

Back in our times, there was only one type of an elf. ONE.

You guys can have a break for another couple years I believe, you have gotten “new” features, when no other race have gotten a thing.

Will say it again, please fight for your voices to be heard, I am all for it.

But all I am asking is to not ruin the thread with your off topic requests, if a blue has answered here, it does not mean that a thread dedicated to the Shal’dorei should be considered as the Q&A thread.

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Yes exactly! Remove Nightborne plz.


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remembers Serena was Nightborne main herself


You do know that one elf was the Kaldorei, Right?

Anyway I’m happy for you Luna. Finally you got what you wanted and I got what I wanted as well. Let’s celebrate with some wine :wine_glass:


It is a joke from the Nightborne /joke emote.

However, some Shal’dorei did not realize that the Nightwell have affected and changed them, therefore some still think they are Kaldorei. The fact that they consider themselves as the true Quel’dorei proofs it.

And yes, once 9.1.5 will hit, we will jump in the berries to make our home made wine and get drunk 24/7.


nightborne is more sexy then void/blood/night elves …
i want to watch nightborne jump/dance in berries like some belly dancer :rofl:

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I dropped in for a moment to thank you once again for giving us - relatively not big but still very dedicated nightborne community - a bit of your attention.

Since Legion, nightborne race has become my favorite race in the game. My main char is nightborne and many of my alts are also nightborne.

The ability to customize my toons in a way that’ll make them distinct from each other is truly wonderful. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to express my happiness fully due to cancellation of my subscription in February. After Blizzcon I felt so hopeless that decided to quit playing for a while. New customization additions, as well as other changes in 9.1.5, brought back my interest in WoW.

I like immensely all the new customization options you showed us in previews (particularly, new narrowed eyes option we requested for so long!) and I’m enthused to see what else you have up your sleeve.

Right now, all I can do is to encourage you to not stop from there. There is still so much we need to implement for nightborne to finally look great!

I really hope many cool options for nightborne are coming in 9.1.5.


While I agree with that, the Horns and hair from the one on the left do indeed tempt me to make my male Lightforged a more played char.

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Jeez, I spent an hour making a huge post dedicated to nightborne customization options where I tried to compilate many fan suggestions across all internet. And then I found out I can’t post links. Dammit. :sweat_smile:


hope 9.1.5 comes out soon …

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You can, by copy paste your link and then select the link and press (Ctrl-E) or find </> above the text.


Thanks for advice. I’ll see what I can do.

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(don’t take the following answer as offensive)

The difference is that my threads are ignored on purpose. Just compare your views and participation and mine. In my threads, I do most of the talking to raise awareness.

But alas, it seems that beards on Humans (even though Dwarves have them) are “symbols of patriarchy”.

As for Human female eyebrows they are of no concern to me, and many others as well- this is not about the number of options a race got, but rather of what it essentially got. And essentially, the only good thing Humans got is the skin colors and the beard I have (which is not longer than the old ones, not by a milimeter).

I understand you used this comparison to show how little the Nightborne have, but please don’t use numbers, because no one cares, literally, about the eyebrows of Human females. As a Human player, I just don’t care. There may be many variations of the same thing, but if that thing is irrelevant to the majority, I do not count it as “many different customizations”.

With this number-logic, the Human race is to never be touched again because females got tons of makeup. If that is the case (because of the negative community’s mentality), then screw this, I guess I will stop talking about long beards forever more.

The Nightborne situation was difficult and frustrating, but this is the reason why it got so much support and eventually became true. Will the same be said for long Human beards? Absolutely not.
Nightborne were desperate, but not any longer. Humans are still desperate, because, I will say it for the 100th time, Humans are objectively the most diverse race. Again, numbers mean nothing. When even a pre-school child would have thought of a Wizard beard as a customization, I CAN’T TAKE IT when Blizzard cannot think of adding such a thing. If this is not done ON PURPOSE, then I do not know what else to say.

I appreciate you supporting my request just as I support yours, but now that I no longer “threaten” the Nightborne, at least complain about the Void Elves making hundreds of comments instead of my single comment.

I mean, the fact that you even mentioned my worldwide-ignored comment amongst the reasons that your thread is derailed…

Also the blue mentioned the other races, so you should accuse the blue of derailing first.

Yeah, Night Elves (in case you were going to say Shal’dorei).

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She’s quoting one of the male nightborne /silly jokes, you turnip


I mean come on Turalyon. Isn’t that a bit rude and racist to your wife?



if he is Turalyon ur Aleria :rofl:
so u 2 get a room jk :smiley:

They’d better not - unless you want a second Big Bang.

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I’m not Alleria, but thank you for the compliment. She’s one of my favorite characters.