Leaderboards? pvp ranking

we had these in vanilla why cant we have them now?

Ppl would be sad for not ever coming #1 only #2 is the new #1 my honor skills have all 40 and 50 and 60 on lock down gank PvP

because the #nochanges sheeps will only bleat at their convenience

… But we had them back then, are you forgetting that part?
This is a change, the nochange crowd would be okay with them.

We also had talent calculator, do you see one currently?

I see literally tons of those all across a bunch of third party sites.
So yes.
I do.

Classic #nochanges sheep level of incoherence.

Ah I see, you’re just a troll. Got it.

Seems odd as you have proven to not even understand the thread, lmao

#no changes!

Forums are top!

Blizzard respond to this? In this thread or any other.

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