Leap into Hoppy Adventures with the Hoplet Pet

Leap into Hoppy Adventures with the Hoplet Pet

The Hoplet pet, outfitted in festive Lunar New Year fashion, will be available in the Battle.net® Shop for a limited time.

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Really? More FOMO? This is absolutely ridiculous now.


Oh no they are selling a pet in a video game for a limited time, what am I gonna do now!


Clowns like you are why Blizzard keep doing this. I’m sure you think you’ll get a month of gametime for valiantly shilling for them but you won’t.


That is a cute bunny you’re introducing, shame it’s not awarded from some fun ingame activity during the named world event.


How about fixing the game instead of more micro transactions no one asked for ?


Oh look another ingame shop item that I will NOT be purchasing!

Stop adding more micro transactions! Put the developers that are making those pets onto projects, which benefit the WHOLE game and not just the lining of the retirement fund for Bobby’s next several boats!


I swear I already have this?
Cheaper than usual too.

I didn’t think they could top Gloober, as G’huun. They haven’t but they’re close.

That the cutest "&%¤?(#& thing i’ve ever seen.

Now, someone shoot it!

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Its a pet rabbit.

I know the “FOMO” is a current WoW meme every idiot wants a slice of but… dude…

Its a pet rabbit.

Sit down and behave yourself.

I hope you know that at this moment Blizzard is holding a crisis meeting to avoid an imminent bankruptcy threat due to you not purchasing this pet. You just destroyed Blizzard.

Oh wait! You didn’t!

Oh look another WoW “meme”…

So to get Bobby ANOTHER yacht, presumably yacht number 6,000 according to idiots who believe memes, Blizzard funneled all the resources that could have gone into another raid tier into…

A pet rabbit.

Ladies and gentlemen. I give you.

The WoW Playerbase.


How much are Blizzard paying you to be their personal white knight?

Might apply if the pays decent.


4 quid and I get this pet for free.

But seriously.

You are clearly very new here.

I’ve been one of Blizzard’s most vociferous critics.

But well done on beautifully illustrating my point.

Now do run along and shake your little minuscule fist at your screen because I got news for you sonny.

If you actually think Bobby spends his days reading the forums crying at comments like yours you’ll never want for moon cheese.

And if I was sitting in a cushy office about to retire with a very fat lump sum while having made myself and my company millions from people who constantly claim they’re being ripped off but still continue to buy their games and pay to play their games I’d be winning in life.

And I wasn’t planning on buying this rabbit but I might just do that knowing you will be fuming and screaming at your screen.


Ha! they paid me £5, a free mount and one of those invisible yachts everyone’s always yakking about! I moored it in Bognor Regis…

The Millionaires Paradise of the South of England.

It even has a Butlins! No wonder Bobby has one of his 6000 yachts there.

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You all can complain about it but let’s be real, these type of things sell like hot buns on a winters evening.

Sad reality, we can’t do much.

I see what you did there! :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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For all the people complaining… do you really need it so bad? :open_mouth: it’s a hard pass and who’s going to buy it are probably the pet collectors or pet battle players… I’m not, I don’t care.

Lol at the FOMO, couldn’t care either way about a pet but Fomo tactics are just lame.

I already have him on Classic, why would I pay AGAIN to have it on Retail ?

I’m not a cash cow.