Leaving Mythic+ instances

I just left a neltharus +6 as the tank, lol.

Why did I leave?

Healer legit didn’t heal himself other than a lifebloom ticking on him on chargath, he died several tries. I went chargath first exactly because I don’t want to waste time in there only to find out the healer can’t actually handle it.

It feels like good players looked at the dungeon pool and said “stuff this, we are skipping and coming back in WW”

So now the majority of groups are bad and it’s a rare thing to get a decent group.

This has made healing super unfun, unrewarding and just annoying, cos most of the time you’re gonna be in a group with bads.

So now I just play my prot pala, which I can somewhat control being alive with all the utility. Plus, when the group falls apart, it’s slightly less annoying.

I’ve also watched streamers doing 12, 13 keys and they still have bads too.

The season is a mess.

Very tempted to get KSM and just stop.

Reason why I trust more people that have a lot of depleted keys, you know that they will remain even if you fail to time it.

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im always going there first - even on fortified.

reason is simple - that boss breaks all bad groups.

no point doing mamoth first if gorup cannot kill smith :slight_smile:

well to be fair.

if you got your teleports in S1 and S2 you dont really have any reason to play this season

if you were lazy like me ? well you gotta push push push on very llimited schedule :smiley:

It’s not applicable, period. In PvP games, if you have a leaver or a troll, the game can just naturally end in a few minutes by the opposing team winning. A M+ run can continue as long as the servers are up so it’s always going to be a grief fest of who leaves first.

There have been propositions about a voting system to end a run, but even that has a major drawback in the ability of holding randoms hostage in hopeless runs, and you need only read threads like this one to see that there are plenty who would be happy to do so.

This topic has been popping up at least monthly on this forum for years, and I have yet to see a proposition for a leaver penalty that doesn’t have major griefing potential that results in even greater waste of time than simply having someone leave a group from time to time.


To me it really depends. I rarely leave keys but if I do it’s clear from the very start that the key is doomed.

For example I’ve had groups where we just couldn’t down the first boss. After 4 attempts I left. Same example but when I stayed is that the run went fine until Vexamus and we wiped 3 times. I stayed because I wanted to finish for a chance of loot. We killed it on the 4th try. Ofc the key was over time.

If I see 15 deaths before a single boss is dead there’s a good chance people will leave, and I don’t fault them for it unless the key was listed as ‘complete regardless of timer / weekly vault’.

Joined a sus key this week and the owners took like 10 to 15 to find last role we needed i dont remenber what it was, was hosted by server’s i usually avoid, we got into key. We only timed it cause of raw dps, healer wqs boosted afk and his healing was barely at 100k with nearly 30 deaths

Was a plus 8 rlp btw:)

Honestly… It depends on my end… If we hit a wall. The whole group? And we cant kill a certain boss or trash pack or whatever happens… I am litterally begging for people too leave xD

No need to stay here for an hour+ for my sake hitting our heads against the same wall.
Sure we can wipe once or twice. But if we just face a wall we die against repeatedly… Please end our suffering.

It just wasn’t meant too be.

Translation: We didn’t stun any seismic slams or flamedances. We stood in the big slams, frontals and flame whirls. We missed all the important kicks and got mowed down by dragon frontals and boulders. Stupid healer!

100k is plenty healing for that dungeon on an 8. Esp since you were an aug and your group overgeared the living hell out of it.


and probably 0 defensive cooldowns were used that day

did a 5+ neltharus yesterday… We didn’t even reach the first boss… the tank pulled all the djaradin and the fire elementals in one giga pull.

Apperently the djaradin can turn the elementals into fire elementals that does huge aoe dmg if not controlled.

Needless to say we all died… repeatedly and people left. And honestly? I am happy they did… Rather than us all staying there for over an hour dying and dying again and again against the same trash.

Ice block only kept me alive for so long… And I could only Dragons breath once before we all where dead.

The thamaturges have one cast that needs to be stopped “molten core”. Apart from “don’t stand in bad” its just about all that matters in the trash up to the boss.

It can be interrupted / stunned / dragons breathed etc but yes, if it goes off and you don’t over gear it you’re likely dead.

Yyuup :sweat_smile: Lets just say I will invite more CC to my group the next Neltharus I make. I take full blame for it.

Thats not really the solution. People shouldn’t be doing pulls like that on a 5. Who needs to stop what needs to be well understood if you’re going to pull that many mobs.

The problem here is that the tank didn’t understand that pulling 3000 mobs isn’t what makes a good tank, its pulling what a group in a +5 can reasonably handle.

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Between dragon’s breath, counterspell, blastwave and a quick reset on counterspell and blastwave with shifting power then you can control them reliably for a good while alone to make sure it won’t go off even during a pull with 2 of them.

I’m all for testing the limits a bit on the first 2 - 3 pulls as a tank and gauge what the group can handle but i have to agree with that as well. There’s no reason to drastically overpull in that manner in a pug.

I might be wrong but I don’t think you can counterspel these guys? All their casts seem to be shielded casts. that needs a hard interrupt.

But I will admit I dont use blastwave… I am out of keybinds for it.

You just need to stun them. Or knock. Or cc. In my situation as mistweaver; leg sweep, ring of peace, paralysis.

Best practise. Just pull 1 pack at a time.

Had a tank try to take 22 mobs on the first pull in AV without actually communicating this. I’m fine with testing the waters too, but if someone does a stupid pull like that in AV im outty - i just cba.

They have 2 abilities. “Magma conflagaration” is a nuke on a player that ‘can’ be stunned but meh. Molten core is the “omg stop this at all costs” cast and it can be counterspelled / inset any other cc here.

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Aight. I shall keep an eye out then. Thanks for the feedback and backup guys.