Legacy Loot Coming to Legion Instances

With scheduled weekly maintenance the week of March 31, we’re enabling Legacy loot rules in Legion raids and dungeons.

We’re reached that point in an expansion where the content from the previous expansion no longer requires a full group, and the rewards are primarily sought by transmog collectors. With this change, Legion raid and dungeon encounters will drop a fixed quantity of class-agnostic loot. Today, if you and one other player enter Emerald Nightmare on Mythic difficulty and kill Nythendra, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive any loot, since drop rates normally scale to the number of players. After this change, Nythendra will always drop 5 items from her loot table, regardless of your group size.

Dungeons and many of the lower-difficulty raid bosses in Legion are already soloable by well-equipped Battle for Azeroth characters, though some bosses, especially on Mythic difficulty, may still require you to bring a few friends. Nonetheless, this should amount to a great increase in the availability of Legion transmog gear.

See you there!


The collectors have been appeased, though I still wished you’d make it such that acquiring a transmog piece you’ll unlock all lesser difficulty versions of it. :confused:


You mean I can finally complete that mythic Nighthold DK set after 2.5 years ?
This has me feeling very happy. My shadowmourne had been feeling lonely


Does this affect the droprate of mounts e.g. Midnight from Return to Karazhan?

Why are world bosses (e.g. from Mists of Pandaria) not updated with legacy loot rules? Isn’t it the same logic?

1 year late


pogchamp cant say no to free mog

I always find these comments pretty funny on the forums, since it means they are doing something right if you are still subbed.


Of course it does. I have been waiting for this change for a while now.

Any change in Eonar fight for soloing? I know we can skip but…for loot.

Good, GOOOD! Now I can feel powerful again :smiley:
OK, this change was not about scaling damage done, but I’ll give Legion raids a shot now. Been able to solo Legion mythic dungeons for a while now

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You will still need a group, even in the future.

Everyone knows that the mage tower frost artifacts ONLY goes with this set.

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This is great news, will you also be making changes early to Eonar in Antorus to make her soloable on mythic?


kinda have the sets already, was funnier to do in group anyway.
my alts arent geared enough to solo them, so i guess wont see much use of it up to SL…

do i get it right there wont be any more groups or there will be less ppl for legacy raids now?

Actually, they’re early. Normally they don’t do this until the 2nd expansion after that one has been released (or at least that expansion’s pre-launch patch; in this case 9.0).


Is just an emergency case for them.


It’s about damn time!

But still i hate personal loot.

Very happy with this change, there are some mogs I’ve been meaning to farm :smiley:

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A wellcome change.
I think 2 expansion rule is not working well. Soloing stuff from one expansion ago is harder than soloing even older content yet is not rewarding at all because of the personal loot.

perfect timing .

im just finishing gearing up alts to full 445 gear :slight_smile: weekend / monday / tuesday warfronts and then after reset time to finally finish Balance of power queslines and farm nice shiny legion transmogs :slight_smile: