Legendary weapon in PvP

No PvE gear should be best in slot for PvP, nerf this rubbish in to the ground before every nerd gets their hands on it.


I agree, arms scales too good with Arp anyways, not to mention DBW and STS etc. Remove Shadowmourne from arenas at least.


i agree, nerf dh.


Yeah the last thing we need is a legendary weapon breaking the game which blizzard decides to balance around.


Tbf the 25hc agi polearm from LK was just as good if not better in arenas

Why is PvE gear still viable in PvP when they gutted the PvP itemlevels that even with elite your ilevel is too bad for PvE and every mythic+ casual will get higher gear?
PvE gear being good in PvP only makes sense when PvP gear is good in PvE, like in SL ssn1.

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Perfect time to quit untill a 75% nerf is applied.

I’m not gonna go through bfa again.

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i played wotlk for 7 years and my hardcore server merged with the 4x XP plus donor items one.
Be afraid of the rogues not of the platers, all im gonna say.

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Yeah I cant handle another season of PvE stuff being bis in PvP.

Spoiler warning:

Considering the effects + ilvl difference, I would assume it will be bis in PvP by a mile LULW
Considering the wording on the weapon, if the on use can be used in PvP thats… Another charge! :+1:

lovely 5 charge warriors.
literal glue.
i bet its easier to get rid of aids than this freaking class… xd

Just the effect if its usable will be dumb for every single 2h melee.
And it being 7 ilvls higher than the PvP item makes it already bis I believe with the weapon dmg.
But the extra effects dmg and all together, I can already see how dumb it will be lol.

Only way for this to be “balanced” in PvP is if it just wont even work being used in PvP. But blizz dont do that. So I highly doubt it.


It should be scaled down in pvp to the conquest iLvL and all effects should be disabled, the best and the only solution for that crap in PvP.


Best solution would be disable PvE items in pvp. But i hope blizzard will reduce the ilvl and disable the effect of the weapon.


Guys you really think anybody at blizz cares about PvP? The only reason they made PvP only gear is because PvE players were crying their as* off in BFA that good PvP players get 2 x chests a week with BiS gear. Then in shadowlands they were still crying because PvP players had 3 more items in their vault to choose from. It was never to make PvP more fair. If that was the case they would actually balance the game for once.

It should be down scaled below conquest item level, the fact that we might have to deal with this crap weapon for a whole season makes me want to uninstall.

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i could imagine, they will nerf Warri, or ret, because of the Weapon instead the Weapon itself

same happend to bm hunter in ssn1 because of the bow

i think they dont even care about pve either, cuz everyone cried that Aug evoker is too op, nobody wants a Aug evoker meta, and now u have every Aug evoker in top 1-400 so to Push m+ 0,1% for the Title, u need to play with an Aug evoker, and everyone hates it.


Yeah they probably will nerf warrior instead of the weapon. Its one of my main concerns going forward with this season.


Well if legendaries are true legendary, which means like in old vanilla one guy per server will maybe have it than you wont need nerfs

Because to meet someone who have legendary will be rare occasion which happen once per season, but since evry monkey can get legendary, nerf is only option.

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The legendary weapon effect is nerfed heavily in PvP.