Legion Killed WOW

Bring back pre-legion. That expansion changed the game to mutch. made classes incredibly boring. Changed animation and sound of spells. Broke the PVP gearing system and made it over Convoluted in future expansion.

People talk about where the game went wrong. And in my opinion, it is Legion. Blizzard even said it themself in one of their council forum.
“Post-Legion PvP, and really the entire game, is different than it was pre-Legion.”

Can’t wait for WOTLK. Won’t touch retail after that. God blizzard really robbed me of the game I loved.


Wasn’t Legion the big expansion of ‘‘modern’’ WoW?


It was a Troyan Horse. its the expansion that destroyed the game 4 ever


WoD PvP was balanced, they were slackin after

I enjoyed Legion for the weapon system

And there is where borrowed power started


I mean Legion itself was imo pretty neat, but yeah. You’re not wrong - the seeds that were planted in Legion more or less slit WoW’s throat, had its way with it and dumped in the ditch… Yeah.

Then again I think with the recent touchy touchy, chuggy milky & grabby grab incidents WoW’s been on death row anyways


I don’t really believe WoW should ever “return” to older systems, as it’s a game that constantly needs to grow and change with it’s audience.

However, the way they formed their latest game doesn’t really cut it for people.
I say: More extreme changes! Bring back the RPG elements and the social expects in the MMO, motivate players to work together, instead of escaping to the cash shop!


Legion had promise but had some eyebrow raising factors, loads of fun content tho
Then for BFA they took the worst bits of legion and doubled down (grindyness), then they took the best bits of legion and dumbed it down (from artifact abilities where majority are spec specific to azerite gear which soullessly only offers 2 class abilities (after 8.1) per gear shared between all specs)
I’d say it went wrong in the transition from legion Legion into BFA specifically

I remember seeing Azerite gear in beta looking at the majority of nonspec specific abilities on each gear piece and thinking oh these must be placeholder abilities they’re gonna add loads more cause these are the new artifacts
but they weren’t placeholder abilities and they didn’t add loads more abilities


It’s true.

Legion was in many ways a great expansion, for some demographics of the playerbase at least, and Blizzard threw the kitchen sink at the fan-service and put huge effort into supporting Legion.

But it was in Legion that the pattern that has brought down BfA and Shadowlands was created. (Mind you, I think Shadowlands is introducing whole new dimensions of badness, but that’s a separate story.)


I think all the expansion before legion had still a core gameplay that was fun! Sure WOD had no content. Mop had pandas (a lot of people didn’t like that). Balancing was maybe broken. but that was it! The gameplay was still fun!

Now I just logged in to wow trying to have fun but it is so hard to have.

I mean look at his video and tell me that this doesn’t look fun! You cant have this fun anymore!


Wotlk was probably the biggest most hyped expansion of the games history… not really in numbers maybe… but for player interest for sure.

For anyone with the 3 braincells required to look past pandas in a fantasy game with cows and facial haired babies running around - there really weren’t a lot of issues with MoP compared to what we deal with today. Dailies were a chore but they were cozy and at times even enjoyable


legion was great, the real problem is they kept the bad parts of legion, and ditched the good ones.


I mean can we at least get an option to get back old animation and sound? I feel like a Disney character bouncing around now


If that’s your opinion, there’s nothing we can change, but when I’m reading this, I usually cringe so hard. Half of you saying:

is just nonsense. I get that today’s class design is focused on borrowed power etc, and I would personally love to see just class design being that, without any artifacts, azerite, conduits, legendaries etc, but Legion brought one of the best class designs ever (fury warrior, ele shaman, all 3 mage specs etc.). Yeah BFA was abit lackluster without essences and corruptions (which were great for me, minus the way to obtain them), but all in all, the classes are dynamic and on par with how the game is evolving.

I find it funny that usually when people say how bad the class design is, they usually pick Classic / TBC as their TO GO expansion, which had BY FAR the worst class design, hell half of specs weren’t even viable to be played, and the ones that were, were 3 button rotations max.

I agree WOTLK was a huge improvement, and when the new talents / spells came, it was really good. But let’s be honest, half of your spellbook was useless and you wouldn’t use any of these spells anyways. Why cry you need them?


Legion was only good because everyone came from an expansion with no content. So now everyone thinks it was good but in reality, it robbed us blind of the game we loved.

The game introduced so much bad to the game.


Legion ruened rogue class they removed Preperation ( rogue skill what reseted CD on Vanish and other imporen Sub rogue skills ) we got a skill what made sprint trigger Vanish a trait on arcifact weapon but we never got Preperation back afther legion. :frowning:

Not that ir has killed it.

It has killed the already on the death bed RPG in the name of the genre for the game.

It’s just MMO Action Adventure game, not more than that.


I didn’t play wod so i had no comparison with it and still found legion very good.

it had order halls that focused on class fantasy.
it had a different campaign for every class that added alt replayability
artifact weapons had the cool side activity of unlocking the skins
it had good storytelling with human sized moments ( particularly suramar)
it introduced M+, one of the most succesful new systems in the game
it had a proper challenge with very cool rewards people still craves today

sure it also introduced AP, but it dropped from everything so unless you were a mythic raider you didn’t need to grind it or go out of your way to get it ( unlike BfA’s AP with island expeditions) i didn’t farm a single hour and still got all the AOTCs.
lego drops were also a bit meh, but eventually we got all of them for our main class.

so basically tons of positives features for the majority of the playerbase, and a couple negatives for the top players.


Except for the first third of the expansion where each spec had separate AP progression and “everywhere” gave like 5-10 AP tokens while your weeklies gave 500-750 tokens.