Let us be honest, the PvP is abysmal; A rant

So rather than scream “REMOVE TEMPLATES”, why not say “Let us choose our own stats” while keeping them in?

No problem here. Just shows you’re not serious about PvP if you play only this one just because it allows you to get gear to them smash other players. That’s not real PvP, that’s a joke.

Actually class changes made it unenjoyable for a lot of people. I’m quite right on that.

Then I guess those people never enjoyed PvP in the first place. Either that or they are incapable of adapting.

I never said that I “Can’t” gear up. What I am saying is that I have no fighting chance in the current iteration of PvP. I can gear up well enough… After suffering countless defeats, but I’ll probably just say “To Hell with it” and just abandon PvP if I lose too many times. Not because the other team played better, but rather because they had superior gear, and that’s not exactly all that fun.

I don’t give a single solitary Frank about the vendors or the gear. I do give a Frank about the fact that gear even has an effect in the PvP.

But hey, pretend PvP players got what they want, and now they can feel like they’re “Good players” just because they got all the good gear in order to hide their suckatude as actual players.

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People cba with moba pvp yes, me too. There is a REASON we choose wow pvp. Gear is an essential part of this game. Everyone can step in arena and get rated gear. Its literally that easy. If you get outgear’d, you obviously do no pvp content. Pve isnt the only way to get good gear now.

In legion pvp was at an all time low. Like literally low. This was because the new pvp templates sucked. No one liked it, only the vocal minority.

People choose this game because they like this genre, they like gear progression and thats okay.

If you want to pvp moba style, you are playing the wrong game sorry.

Edit: serious about pvp? Wut? I am playing for my own enjoyment, and this game delivers for me.

The pvp community have been trying so so hard to get the pvp gear vendor back for a few years, and now youre trying to destroy it because you cant compete because gear? Youve got as much acces to gear as me.

You ought to speak for yourself.

Yeah; You suck in any other PvP enviroment, and need to get carried by gear in order to feel like you’re a good player.

Weird. I was getting a lot of PvP activity during that time. So… If it was low, then why was I getting ton of PvP from it? :stuck_out_tongue:

More like “Vocal minority hated it, everyone else liked it”.

If they want “Gear progression” to mean something, then there’s this thing called War Mode. I hear it allows you to fight other players in a large scale area. How cool is that?

Nah. I can also go to Guild Wars 2 if I wanted. I can also advocate for PvP templates to make a return, and piss on your face anytime you decide to say anything.

Because fact of the matter is: Gear being the defining factor to one’s ability to perform makes PvP a joke, and it’s hard for anyone to take PvP in this game seriously, when some drooling dredge can kill a bunch of people just because he has gear to give him the illusion of “Skill”


Whatever. Just pvp and u get gear. Your inability to get gear only displays your own skill. :smile:

You don’t need gear. You just need to git gud. Proof:

When he was 180 ilvl we had 2.1. Comp includes a destro warlock, one of the weaker classes. So you can’t complain about that either.


+1 for Templates.

If people want massive gear disparity, let them have it in wpvp.
Instanced PvP should be balanced or there’s little point queuing.


Whatever you say, diddler.

Ah look, a Paladin healer, one of the stronger classes. Probably also carried by better geared players.

You’ve proved nothing.

Youre just bad, accept it. No rant is gonna improve your playstyle.

You’re being annoying and being disrespectful, thinking that the only logical reason would be that someone “Sucks”, rather than say… Being outgeared (Because PvP in this game is determined by gear).

Don’t act offended, you called for it.

LOL. Enjoy your ban.

The other guy proves you wrong with his screenshot.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:

And you continue being a shyte player who thinks he’s a God thanks to the illusion that gear gives you.

Sure being 2.7k rated every season must mean im bad. See you soon.

That you gotten when gear wasn’t such a big factor :stuck_out_tongue: Assuming it’s true and not a lie.

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Lets agree to disagree

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Say, you wanna do PvP together? Because I decided it would be worth tickling your ego and also benefit by getting up this ever so coveted rating. And I’ll get to see if you really are this “Pro 2.7k PvP’er” that you claim to be, or are just a liar.

It’d be quite neat. Like a Starsky and Hutch scenario.

You called me a phaedophile and now you wanna pvp together? Lets just agree to disagree with eachother and stop the fighting. Its not like we are on the same page :stuck_out_tongue:

Legion Templates were awful, and they never actually solved anything, they just removed character progression from PvP.

In case you had forgotten, low level BG’s in Legion were dominated by Twinks, 19’s, 29’s, 59’s 79’s and 99’s Twinks were able to manipulate iLevel ( and therefore power levels ) by careful selection of iLevel based gear.

In Legion I had a '79 Warlock that was 23% over template, a 99 UH DK that had double the HP of levelers in the same bracket. A 101 Shammie that had 1st raid tier ilevel gear, if memory serves me it was at 865 ilevel, the base template for a fresh 110 was 800, and 740 for the 100 - 109 bracket. So templates were not the fix it you seem to remember them being.

Apart from Legion ( and that not entirely ), gear has mattered in PvP it’s nothing new. Right from Vanilla, all the way through every expansion freshly dinged players have had to earn the gear to make themselves more competitive in PvP.

This is an RPG not a MOBA so progressing your character is at the core of the game, take that away ( from PvP ) and there’s no point in doing it.

They took ‘character progression’ away from BG’s. Artificially restricting people from ‘progressing’.

I’m sure it’s ‘fine’ & ‘working as intented’ for people who don’t have to PvP with gear 30ilvl below everyone else.

If you’re resolute that ‘character progression’ is at the core of the game, then why wouldn’t you advocate BG progression up to a level that’s competitive?

I’m not gonna bother repeating myself because at this point it’s talking to willfully ignorant… Dredgers. So I’ll just give short replies.

They weren’t.

Ratings and World PvP still existed.

I didn’t play low level Battlegrounds.

I know, it’s why I never really bothered to do PvP for the most part.

War Mode exists.

So for the most part of your time playing WoW you haven’t participated in Instanced PvP - now you are, it has to be suit you ? I get it.

As for War Mode for progressing your character ???

That Zander Warrior play it as Prot in BG’s ?

So if the Gear progression was non existent in PvP ( Legion / BfA ) would it be OK for people who prefer PvP to gear up to ask for M+ 15 Keys / Heroic raids to be easy in Questing gear - coz you know I don’t PvE and it’s too hard ?