Let's make it an interview #3

More questions needs to be asked and those questions need answers.
So answer the interviewer's question above you in character and then choose which question the interviewer shall ask the next person!

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"I did actually...I thought the other Goblins sounded...Not very good...Now, if I were to change back I'd sound like this: "This accent ain't really fittin', fed a warlock of mah caliber. It just ain't right, ya' get?"

"..Simply dreadful..."

Question:"If you could change where you live, would you do it, and where would you change it to?
I'm glad the interviewer made the topic. I had to wait for that. ^_^
"Yes, currently I have no home to call my own... technically, other peoples homes, but well, they don't count. I'd steal Gallywix's pool, and replace that ugly mountain sculpture with something nice, Like a sculpture of me, or something like that..."

Question: What's in your wallet, right now?
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"A few sharp objects, a vial of poison and a handful of cursed coins that will cause whoever steals them to be forever haunted by ravens looking to strip the flesh from her greedy, little bones." She pauses. "Oh, and perfume. Looks a lot like the poison, though, so I do have to be careful there."

Question: What race do you have the most affinity for, besides your own, and why?
She just sits on the chair in her saber form, looking at the interview without saying anything, yawning after a while, turning into an elf after what might been 30 minutes of silence.
"Listen! You never said anything what kind of race! So there, the time you wasted waiting for answer I have been giving you an answer!"
She turns back into a saber and looks at the interviewer, looking at them with narrowing angry eyes.

What vermin race (Kobold, gnolls, virmen, troggs and so forth) is your favorite? And which do you dislike the most?
Elaborate please.
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''I believe I would go with murlocs... they count as well doesn't they? I always thought that these little guys are pretty cute. During my time working with the branch I met one individual that was capable of broken common. I believe it died at some point.
My least favorite would be... those scary gilgoblins. I... no. I don't want to think about that encounter.''

What were you really into when you were younger but now think is silly?
Tryin' ta reason with people. If two decades a' career warfare and 'bout one a' warlockery has taught me anythin', it's that the only reliable way ta make anyone listen ta reason is ta name yer gun "Reason" and be really trigger-happy with the thing.

Q: How far will you go to defend your beliefs?
I'm necroing this because I think it is pretty fun.

Lerquiy draws up his eyebrows for a moment, then narrows his eyes and twitches his ears, wondering if it was a serious question.

"To the death, little gnome. Anything less and I would go against everything I have ever known."

Question: If you had to choose between trying to ride Deathwing and getting cleaved by Saurfang, which would you rather die to and why?
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Nar'zagh sits there, cutting off his mangey flesh with his knife.

"Cleaved by Saurfang, Be' dat axe gon' 'elp out dis mange REAL good."

Question: Whats the dumbest thing you have ever witnessed? (IC)
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OOC: There's a roleplayer on this server (Not naming names.) Who RPs a mentally retarded worgen. (Not using it as an insult, they have very very low IQ IC) They have a night elf mother, draenei father, dwarven grandparents, a ghost draenei (The companion) For a little sister. They run around hugging and sniffing strangers. Cringefest. But Draemorg is too friendly to consider that dumb ICly.

IC: "Agh, well, A once wonderful city was beat by an army of walkin' corpses.... Will never figure out how that happened. Hrrrm. Once saw a peon try to cut down a Treant, though that was more funny than dumb... Ooh! I saw a couple Draenei arguing over whether snails were snails, or if they were slugs in disguise... That went on for a while!"

Question: You're in a tavern having a drink, what race would you rather have as a drinking buddy?
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Sin'die, ya dey be smelleh, an' weird, an' 'ave o' bodeh like o' two year old. But when drunk dey can be realleh funneh wi' dere stick bodies movin' all ovah.

Question: Are snails snails, or slugs in disguise?
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Hmm... very, very good question indeed, my troll friend. I think... I... well they could be slugs, right? Slugs get in everywhere! Traitorous little, slimy beasts!

Qeustion: Can you scratch my back, please? N-no no no, not there, at that rotting part, ye, yeah exactly! Oh... you're good at it! What, that's not a question? Okay, lemme come up with one... If you had to spend one year of servitude to an evil master with a likelyhood that you could die, which one of these would you try your luck with: Deathwing, the Lich King, Ragnaros, Kil'jaeden. Oh, and give explanation as to why... oh yeah that's good... don't stop scratching! Wait, where are you going...?
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(yes, I'm anwsering my own question because I want to necro this topic.)

"This is embarassing... next time you need a scratch I'm bringing my warglaives! Now, to the question at hand. I would kill them all! They're only lucky I was lucked up in the Warden's Prison! But if I must... Kil'jaeden seems to keep alive his minions more then Deathwing or the Lich King. I do not like the high chance of being incinirated so Rangaros is a no.

As to my question... which type of demon do you think is more enjoyable to fight against? Personally I like nathrezim the most." Lytariel grins. "Like to have the last laugh at their arrogance. Always enjoyed showing fools they're not as powerful as they think."
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"Succubi and Shivarras... What? Im a sadist, I get extra fun out of tormenting them.
Well fine. Imps!
I enjoy the sound they make under my hooves, okay?"

Question: With the legion's defeat almost about to happen: what are you going to do now?
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''Living a quiet and peaceful life as the librarian I am. You know... handing out books, smiling nicely and converse with the creatures of the... light. Pure light of course, heh.''

Question: When was the last time you remember someone doing or saying something so stupid that you were sure it was a joke?
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"Someone telling me that I needed to wear one of those elegant dressed female humans for a certain ocasion...along high heels. I burst out laughing until I figured out it was no joke."

Question: Given the chance, would you trade your lifestyle for another?"
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Are you completely out of your mind? My life style is so perfect that I have a hard time appreciating, due to lack of hours a day

Question: If you were nominated to lead your race and took upon the job, what would be the first thing you would do and hope to be remembered for?
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Appoint a new Ranger General. Know just the right person for the job.

Cake or Pie? Have to choose one or the other, can't go 'Cake-pie'.
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"Och, ah do love a good steak pie. An cake is just bad fer me anyway, Ah wid miss it at first, but after a few years, Ah'd know ah made the right choice!"
Korgrand tries this "cake-pie" thing... "Egh... it's no too bad."

Question: Go get me a cuppa tea.
.... What?
Question: If you were in the Grim Guzzler right now, The wonderful fumes filling your lungs, the drinks on tap, a brawl down below while a band plays, and... *The dwarf tears up slightly.* It's Dark Iron Ale on the house all night...Is there anywhere you'd rather be?
Korgrand then mutters "Oh ho ho, Ah know there isn't!"
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While in his humanform and courteous to a tee as usual, Hudges sips his offered tea carefully. When the interviewer is done telling the question he lowers the cup to the table and gives the interviewer his full attention as he deadpans:
"Yes. Anywhere."

He then takes another sip of his tea.

Interviewer's question: Who was the first person you killed, and what were the circumstances surrounding the event?
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Nar'zagh looks to the floor, his normal grin falls away.

"It was in dah siege, A Kor'kron officer, I stabbed 'im in dah throat."
The interviewer: "Did you know some of the few Trolls that died in Orgrimmar?"
"Few!? Dere was 'undreds of Trolls in Orgrimmar! Good Trolls, loyal to dah chieftan and dah Orcs just watched dem die!"

Next question: where is your favourite place in the world?
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