Let's talk about the Mistweaver (you know, that ranged thing that existed once upon a time)


Today, I’m going to talk to you about the Mistweaver Monk at range (not the aberration known as fw).

When will something be done? Since the first season of SL, the spec has been among the worst for healing… (so since 2020).

I’m only referring to arena and not to RBGs

Here are a few points that are not working:

  • Mana: Classes deal immense damage, and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT maintain mana. We can withstand the pressure, but after 2 minutes, I’m as dry as the desert, except there’s no mirage of having mana.
  • Crowd Control (CC): Paralysis dispels all dots, the stun where you have to take risks to push (because the situation can quickly turn against you, especially for monks), the ring, nothing to say… Oh, except at the very beginning of DF, we could take the ring and the Chi-Ji’s Song (until Blizzard decides otherwise :clown_face:).
  • Defensive cooldowns (CDs):
    • The cocoon, nothing to say.
    • The revival, nothing to say.
    • Great, we have two CDs.
    • Fortifying Brew or the spell that takes longer to cast than a Paladin’s bubble? (Fun fact, if I play with the passive that improves it, 8 minutes of cooldown time).

While other healers:

  • The Rsham: can dispel, kick, stun, shapeshift, and rarely goes down
  • The Holy priest Hey, I turn into a valkyr every two minutes, I keep everyone up, I’m immune to damage, and I don’t lose mana, seriously? Do I need to say more?
  • The Disc priest: He’s not as broken as his brother, but man, the ultimate penance… lol
  • The Rdrood:Oooh the Rdrood, who was at the top of his game, with the treants plus his treant burst heal… Do you have Greenpeace on your back for putting so many trees on a single spec?
  • The Holy Paladin: Well, he’s not at the top of his game, but he’s still better than the mistweaver monk and, well, he doesn’t go oom as fast as a monk
  • The Evoker: So, this thing that was broken in Season 1, that’s starting to make a comeback and can use Emerald Communion in all situations

Do you see the problem?

So what are the solutions:

  • Add a fourth specialization to the mistweaver monk to separate the FW from the MW, because the mana nerf that was mainly for the FW but also impacts the MW
  • Improve the mana, please
  • Add utilities, a purge, a spell, damage because the crackling jade lightning is completely useless
  • Add a new CD or fix the current CDs (hello the drink with a 6 minute cooldown)
  • Bring back the MOP or WOD or Legion mistweaver monk by adapting it to the current PVP (but without making it as useless as it is now)

The purpose of this post is not to spit on other healers, but to show how useless the MW has been in arena for the past 4 years.

Even though I don’t think it will change anything, unless a developer gets lost here.

#JusticeForMistweaver #FreeMW (I’m trying to make this work with Britney)


It’s sad because if feels like someone at Blizzard is adamant they want MW to be punching to heal, and it’s just not the move.

Make Mistweaving Great Again!


Used to really like casted mw sometime earlier df. But then came the nerfs… Nerfs to mana, to healing and to cds…
Even though they were targeted fistweaver it is somehow still better than ranged lol
Kinda shows the level of knowledge blizzard has and the (in)ability to balance specs…

Unfortunately ww is good, so monk is well represented which means we most likely won’t see any changes

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Its been an idea that blizzard has tried to do since its creation

And you have to note “CASTER / NOT FW / NORMAL MW” in LFG
Because FW is a new default

There’s only 1 path to making caster MW good again

  • Soothing mist is castable while moving
  • Duration of interrupts reduced by 25%
  • Leg sweep has a choice node talent for an aoe stun that gets casted at your target’s location instead of in melee for you (similar to the Thunderstorm talent for Resto shaman where you can knock people away from your teammate and the Thunderstorm gets casted around your teammate instead of around you)
  • Mana tea slight buff for casted MW only OR Soothing Mist / Enveloping reduces mana costs by next spells stacking slightly buffed

You implement all of those, casted MW is an S tier healer, you implement a few of those, the spec will be a lot better

I abandoned my casted MW back in S2 because I played it a lot in SL but just saw no point in getting denied from groups all the time in Dragonflight, literally nobody wants to play with a Casted MW.

This is because you get kicked = team dies, you get cc-ed = healing stops and team dies, you don’t have great ways to avoid CC as well


Would be nice to have some form of meaningful range damage. Maybe ability to cast Thunder Focus Tea + Instant Enveloping at enemies.

The mana is the biggest issue ngl, it’s soooooooo bad rn

A lot of things can be done by developers to improve the MW, the only thing that is currently missing (for a few years now) is the desire to improve this specialization

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its blizzard and retail, everything that can be ruined will be ruined

So many Mistweavers right now have never known the purity of this playstyle.
Chi, Stances, Soothing Mist not triggering a GCD, using cocoon while stunned, nimble brew, using Chi brew in Crane stance to hit someone with three Rising Sun Kicks in a row…

The Golden Age of Mistweaver.

let’s instance two healer :
Healer A : 35k dps / 100k hps
Healer B : 0 dps / 100k hps

Wich one you will choose ?

now let’s say you decide to buff healer B +25% more healing
He’s now at 125% healing more

you will get more mana yea
You will get more healing yea

But between Healer A & B , when you will be in crowd control wich one you will take to assist on killing the ennemy ?
Healer A still have some avantage due to his imput on dps

i know this is a arena section and there’s many 100% PvP player and not enought of 70% PvP 30% PvE

But when you look on MDI or M+ top, you will see healer are not choosen for their HPS but for their damage output.

The game tend to be more on damage output more than a CC and we have time to kill target while sleeping.

This is start to be noticed on PvP : when you look on RBG comp in Legion ( and even to SL) you can see disco priest / Balance druid was a absolute must.
It was because the priest could raid healing so easely while dealing damage
The difference with a disco compared to a other healer is great, having 2-3 disco priest was like having the same healing than other healer but the perk is you had equivalent of +1 dps in your team
The reason why in RBG you wanted Balance druid / SP / Affliction warlock is because they were the best ( still is i guess but now with fire mage ? ) on multiple target, uncapped and easy to aoe and top meter
Top the meter = healer in front have less mana overtime and must use cooldown way faster
No mana = No healing = Target dead

SO far it’s a design issue

Now to target the MW / FW issue it come more from the toolkit of Monk itself and not due to other healers :

Melee dps like windwalker tend to have more mobility than ranged / healer due it’s a melee spec. Windwalker have Flying Serpent kick more than a Fistweaver
Mistweaver don’t have that or in 1V1 Windwalker / Mistweaver the windwalker will be not able to touch once the Mistweaver.
You can’t neither give Flying Serpent kick to fistweaver either because it weakness come from FW spam CC/ root / knockback and giving it that spell will make too hard to counter

So we can’t give Mistweaver Flying Serpent kick in order to let the MW style healing ranged to go in helping killing a target during a kill target situation

But it come the issue that Mistweaver is a monk and all his attack come from melee (tiger palm, blackout kick, RSK) while the gameplay in arena tend to make it heal from afar in order to survive.

Mistweaver can’t get a new defensive since it will give also a defensive to Fistweaver and doesn’t solve the issue of balance

:arrow_down: TOO LONG DIDNT READ :arrow_down:

There’s one thing however that can balance the design course : Mistkicking
Fistweaver design is based on you punch you hit the target and your allies are healed, the counter is to go melee range
That is what pushed a lot of Mistweaver to go Fistweaving style
With Mistkicking design, it’s Mistweaver gameplay but all your melee attack become ranged but does not heal allies

That way all Mistweaver talent are impacted and the number between Fistweaver and Mistweaver are now equal since now Mistweaver will be able to regen mana with Blackout kick in range like fistweaver do etc

Now to tag @warcraftdevs on twitter , write on Monk Forum, and share the idea on all wow community so you can get Mistweaver fixed

no ur idea is trash

simpler to just add https://www.wowhead.com/beta/spell=447510/energy-weaving to the mw talent tree boom fixed

Caster MW just isn’t the best at doing anything and is way too easy to counter by simply kicking the guy or CC-ing him, and there’s no residual healing.

The current iteration of the spec is very “noob friendly” but at the same time not viable on higher ratings.

If nobody is stopping you, you can permanently keep a person alive. You have 2 huge panic buttons, 1 makes it impossible for somebody to die, the other dispels the whole team and is usable in stuns and tops the whole team.

Pretend Ret paladin’s spells were all melee range. It would literally be the DPS analogue for casterweaver. If people let you do what you can do, you win. But when it’s so easy to not let you do what you can do, well, you would be bad.

And I was excited to try this playstyle out :frowning: