Lewd names shouldn't exist within world of Warcraft for kids

Hello, Blizzard.

This is a Childs game people abusing names on world of Warcraft is not good. Will you do anything about this lewdness on world of Warcraft. My child had to experience this name and asked me about the context of that name. BootySlapper etc etc

Am actually offended by your measly attempts of reducing names. This is stuff within this game that shouldn’t exist.

And I love to read on what you will do to improve it.


I disagree.


I also disagree.


Place a ticket in and report the name but showing there name on the forum will only result in a forum ban for you as its naming and shaming on CoC.


thanks for telling, I alter the post now. But I still don’t approve of people who abuse weird names. Also did report the character in use of the name


I agree names especially on AD should be looked at more closely due to the RP rules i fully support you.


I do not approve of any child having to read these names. It’s gone to far In the gaming world. I for one don’t like that blizzard don’t take up arms against It


WoW is a 12+/teens rated game. If you let younger children play the game, that is on you.


I can agree to that. But my child didn’t play on a Role play realm. But I will make sure to keep an eye out In the future. Because this Is still something, I for one think Is very overlooked by blizzard.

Wow is rated 12+/teens regardless of realm. No exemptions there. Also you should learn your child how to report things themselves.


It is likely kids that make the stupid names in the first place. I have some characters with silly names that I, the one who chose their names now think are offensive.


Still allowing people to name them self’s lewd Is not defendable. Am Tired of you guys defending something that Is Totally wrong. In real life you don’t name your child anything lewd because its illegal.

Its a 12 + game not a teen + game and RP have strict rules its a none defendable issue on RP realms at least.

I point this out as a member of AD this is completely not true there are naming rules you agree to adhere when you join the realm.


I haven’t defended stupid names, but you makes it sound like your child is too young for the game.

Age restriction, not naming rules.


Report a World of Warcraft Character Name - Blizzard Support (battle.net)

I think you find there are naming rules for RP realms which i have clearly stated and now linked for you.

I quote

" Additional Rules for Role Playing Realms"

When have I said otherwise??? At this point you are just trying to win an argument by switching the subject.


No just proving you wrong when you said no name rules exist for RP realms look admit it you are wrong or just leave the thread.
It is on subject we are talking about names and rules what else are you even on about.

Swearing at me won’t make you win or feel better. Also people might see stuff differently than you do. Also we live in a civil world. Am just pointing out something that you try to justified by swearing and telling me am wrong. When am here trying to see what they can do to fix this because we live in 2022 not 1940.


It is okay going by there post history it seem they get angry insult a lot just flag and ignore.

If they can’t tolerate stuff we point out that Is wrong. Then they better try to increase their vocabulary. :slight_smile: