LF a Blizzard response: All talents that reduce Spell Resists in PVP no longer works since Phase 2!

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This is not acceptable blizzard

fixing this should be top priority

bumping ! blizz do something wtf

Blizzard reading this, lol.

The proof is reporting something ages ago that can easily be seen/proven/replicated not being fixed, seems to work just like tickets. They can choose to ignore it, or only see those that get reported 100x over by different people, etc.

You also, have no proof that it’s not… So, tinfoil hat time for you.

You think they fix EVERYTHING that’s reported within a few months? I didn’t think that kind of naivety actually existed. What’s important to players may not be such a high priority to the Devs. Some people place far too much importance on their own involvement in reporting bugs.

Someone at Blizzard makes a decision as to what should be fixed and the order they do it in, it’s not how many times a problem is reported that decides when it’s fixed. Some things are not fixed at all. This bug should be fixed but it may not be a priority.

How would I do the bug fixes? I would have 3 categories, critical, needed and low priority. Once all the Critical are done they move onto needed then when all those are done they move to low priority.

Or maybe have the majority working on Critical, a less working on needed and even less on low.

Bump this is not acceptable. I don’t gaf myself since I’m a rogue abuser myself but cmon… poor shadowpriests wtf

BUMP. notice that after patch, disci seems to resist like 1/3 of the cs i put on them, pretty ridicolous atm.

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You play rogue mage right? You have baseline 5%, then 15% from unbreakable will and another 10% from martyrdom.

No i play lock-mage. Its true, priest could resist 1/3 with thath 30% resist but only because right now seems like my 70 spell pen feels useless, my hit too, and some talents like arcane focus thath seems to be pure useless.
in fact im gonna drop arcane sublety and arcane focus to put 5 improved arcane misil, because its obvious dat talents are not working


Kinda need some explanation on why you just out of nowhere decided to make this game that is already super rng by default to be even more rng than ever before in the past 14 years and completely obliterated any competitive aspect that the game had left when you could just leave it be and do nothing (like always). Nobody asked for this…, on the other hand why are things that are being asked for by tons of players on a daily basis not being done instead??

After the brilliant season 1 banwave, the top ladder already looks more dead than the recent private servers with hundred times less overal population and its just a beggining of season 2… At this rate of degradation and absolute incompetence (especially when it comes to pvp management) its not clear whether we will even get to season 4 at all.

Does the spell hit/spell peneteration gems/enchant work?

It seems I have ressists on cyclones, roots so often.

No they dont, as long as you are hit-capped, they are literally useless in pvp.

Spell pene is a different mechanic.

I mean… as feral druid?

/bump pls blizz :frowning:

Thanks to Evolvebanned for bringing our attention to this subject which definitely deserves an answer, and hopefully a fix.


Is this still not fixed?

doesnt seem like they will fix it. more rng in pvp staying, nerfed shadow is staying, buffed disc is staying, buffed rogue is staying. the meta rly needed these changes lmfao.

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