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Yo guys, if anyone would like to chat, pvp or just lvl feel free to add my btag Maniac#22843.
I just resubbed after 8.1 i believe, not entirely sure tbh.
about me, i dont really care for the “best” stuff, since im not a raider (mainly due to fps issues) idc if you just started the game 10 seconds or 10 years ago, friends always make a game better, dont they?
im mainly looking for ducking around, not doing stuff seriously, since fun is more important to me than gear. if you have the same mindset id like if you added me :3


Depends on the friends.

I’ve deleted most of my ingame ‘friends’ since they had a mentality of ‘‘I dont care about win , its just a game’’ which doesnt fit to mine which is ‘‘Play to win and not to just waste irl time’’

Im wishing you gl and welcome back.

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Feel free to join our community it’s mainly to try and bring back the social aspect of the game :smiley:

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